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Your Collection

(2nd-Nov-22, 08:30 AM)Anthony B Wrote:  Ahhhhhhh Gordon ..... Spazzaneve!!!!! Sun Sun

Great collection - never stop!!!


I ran that at Bordo of course. It rather got destroyed during the warm up!! I have rebuilt it but it will never be quite the same inevitably. Front came off and the spoiler of course. A few small cracks left in the surface as I couldn't face a complete strip down and respray. Lots of rubber dust as it gets a regular run. Cox gears now replaced with some decent brass bevels and it's now much smoother. The 270S is still a bit hot for it, I might use that for a Bordo car and put something milder into it.
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And I have your 1/32nd body - still to get it mobile - on my to do list Cool

Some of my collection 


Nothing special but all reconditioned and fully working

Plus lots and lots of other cars/sets/scratch builds hidden under the stairs that I ‘haven’t’ bought ;)
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Nice - there is nothing better than bring back something from the 'dead' - love doing it Thumbup

Late to the topic, but here are some of my cars.





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Nice looking cars, Zippi!

I really like your 68 GTO. It's different.

Here are a couple of Mustangs.


Thank you. The GTO is a Revell Snap Tite kit that I put a modified scalextric nascar chassis under it.
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Yes it is. It's  a Revell Snap Tite kit that a put a modifiied scalextric nascar chassis under it.
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Nice collection of cars and you can NEVER be late to a thread - always fantastic to have additions to any thread as it builds a nice history Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup

Parts of it


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