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Summer Grand Prix Proxy

wonderful job on 2x great tracks  Heart
grats to all podiumites  Checkeredflag
the wheels are coming off the scarab entry ( literally ) Angry Ambulance
all hopes now rest on the williams , but courtneys car is just getting smaller in the distance  Tappingfoot

loving the drama / excitement this proxy is generating , hope there is a rerun next yr  Thumbup

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Thanks Paul, 

Having run two rounds of the Extreme Slotting event last year, the same weekend as a Club race night, I learnt to space the classes out over the week.  Otherwise its slot car overload!   Tremendous group of cars, really good to run.

The Routed Raceway is good fun.  Not that long, but long enough for some good racing.  We built the frame work first, then put down the MDF, then came up with a track plan, and got out the router!     It has an electric winch to get it up and down, you can do it by hand, but it's a bit dodgy.   

Club racing this evening,  hope its not that hot, but I am prepared with choc-ices Thumbup

Hi Kev,

Have re glued the offending tyre on the Scarab,  hope it holds up, it is a cracking model.
It took me a while to adapt too the aluminium/metal chassis cars,  different from  what I run, but they are certainly well put together. 

All boxed up and awaiting collection on Monday. Good luck over the last few rounds. 


Wavegreen Good Morning,

 many thanks to Pip for letting our cars loose on his splendid track layouts. Luckily no damage reported to the scenery and no spectators killed  Bigsmile
It was very interesting seeing how the cars behaved on the two quite different layouts.

However after Rounds 1-7 we have the following results

So with the severe weather warning for early next week, I am expecting additional delays in getting the cars transported, and hence that may have a knock on effect in terms of when the Viking Club can run their Round 8 of the Grand Prix.
Hopefully not but these are challenging times, so we will just have to see what happens.

I will post the Pitlane Review on Monday
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Wavegreen phew, what a scorcher, and that's not just the Grand Prix  Rofl

I believe that cars are on their way from Woking down to the South East Corner of England, so hopefully they will not have a melt down on the way  Ambulance

Pitlane Review
Early Flyers
Joint 1st Place - Mercedes W196 of RoadRunners and Mountain View
3rd Place - Scarab of Team Cube
Well with another good win on the Routed Raceway, Mountain View is equal 1st with Roadrunners. And Team cube still sitting pretty in 3rd place after another run of bad luck.

1st Place - Cooper Climax- RoadRunners
2nd Place - Porsche 804 - Bangers Racing
3rd Place Lotus 24 - RNLI Racing
The Cooper Climax of Courtney Sport is well onto the tail of the Lotus 24 of RNLI, and barring any mishaps is more than likely to jump into 3rd place at the next Round.

Joint 1st place for Team Tatters Williams FW07 and the Ferrari 126C of Ruscillo Racing
3rd Place - Williams FW11 - Bangers Racing
This is an intriguing Class to follow, the Shadow of Mountain View seems to have lost performance, and the Williams of Bangers racing looks like securing 3rd place. But there is nothing between the two cars at the top, will the Ferrari of Ruscillo Racing claim the victory....still too early to tell with the last 3 rounds to go

1st Place - Mclaren MP4/13 - Courtney Sport
2nd Place - Williams FW40- Team Cube
3rd Place - Dallara - Team Tatters
No changes in this class, all contenders places appear to have been decided.

Team Points
umm well! there is a few nervous twitches in the RoadRunners camp, with Courtney Sport having launched themselves up the ladder and now in 3rd place. And there has been some slipping of points for both RoadRunners and Team Tatters in both the last two Rounds, so what will happen in the closing stages, it will be difficult one to call.

So hoping that the Viking Club with their Plastic Club track will be ready to run the next stage once the heat wave has passed. Sun
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Well, it's been a crazy week of hot days, busy work and other tribulations; but we managed to run the next round of the Summer Grand Prix at Viking SCC. 

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has entered this proxy for letting us run your cars. There's a few of us at Viking SCC who really enjoy it when the proxy's come to town as it gives us the opportunity to see and race some cars that we wouldn't normally run, and see some awesome creations too. And whilst some are clearly faster than others in each class, each builder should be proud of their entry as every car had its own character and traits

As I didn't have an entry in this proxy, I have intentionally been keeping a bit of a distance from the feedback to date so each car could be run and viewed from a open perspective.

The rounds were run on our 6 lane scalextric sport track.  It's quite a technical track and a far cry from the smooth and sweeping wood tracks that I imagine many of these cars were set up for.  We typically run silicone tyres, but in preparation for this event, a few hundred laps were run in the two lanes of choice to rubber in the track as best as possible before the event.  The cars were run in pairs for 20 laps. The two drivers then swapped cars and ran another 20 laps so each car was run by both drivers.

I have video footage of each run which I am hoping to cobble together and upload as soon as I can but for now here are the results:

Class A - Early Flyers:




I loved every one of these cars. The Merc's with their s-can motors are clearly the most drivable around here, with the #14 ultimately having more predictable grip. The Scarab took a worthy 3rd, but was more of a handful to drive.
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Class B - Classic:




These are nippy little things aren't they! Roadrunners Cooper provided the best all round package here; smooth, quick and easy to drive. Courtney's cooper was also fairly quick, although didn't have the same overall pace. I don't know how much of that is due to the guide catching the bottom of the slot in a few places. The little Porsche was a lot of fun and the RNLI Lotus was very rapid, but lacked grip which really hurt it's lap times.
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Class C - Legends:




This was a closely fought class that could have gone many ways. Tatter's Williams was very forgiving and comfortable in the corners, which around here is important. Banger's williams managed to pip the Ruscillo Racing Ferrari to 2nd by less than a second after 40 total laps! Mountain View's Shadow also held it's own when running alongside the Bangers Williams FW11 and provided some nail-biting side by side action, with the Shadow having the pace down the straights but the Williams getting ahead in the twisty bits; ultimately, the latter proving far more fruitful in the long run.
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Class D - Modern:




What can we say, Courtney Sport does it again with a phenomenally well balanced and blisteringly fast car. His McLaren will happily run 7.7 second laps all day long. And pushed hard, Darren got it down to a 7.574. That is very quick around here. Equally as impressive is how OXO Cube managed to make his Williams FW40 quite so quick on what appears to be a relatively stock floorpan; I was not expecting that thing to go that well! The Tatters Dallara has a lot of potential, but wasn't geared or set up quite as favourably for this circuit. Ruscillo's Jordan lacked grip and subsequently struggled a bit around here, but had surprising straight line pace from an NC2 motor. Scott Sport's Renault was a little unpredictable from lap to lap and didn't like the bumps and bends of the sport surface.
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Wavegreen Good Morning,

Many thanks to Ade and the Viking Club, we are once again very great full to your guys for running the proxy, even though you had no entries of your own.  Thumbup

So as to the all important Championship Points


So it looks like the Grand Prix is cooling down in general (along with the weather), although there are still some hot spots at the top of two of the Classes which have yet to be decided.

And next we will be with our friends at the Manchester Slot Club for next weekend for the penultimate Round, before moving onto Mountain View for the final Round  Sun And in some cases it looks like this final round could be the decider for the class wins.

The Pitlane Review will be posted tomorrow
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