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Summer Grand Prix Proxy

Wow... what a great evening we had at the 'Fort, I was expecting ill handling, slow old cars, what a surprise, they were WONDERFUL.

We only had 5 members last night (holidays prevented more) but you had 5 very equally matched drivers, and we all LOVED all the cars, the 5 of us have decided that we will have an early Grand Prix class at the club next year, giving everyone 6 months to obtain and build a car.

I have the results scribbled on a sheet of paper which I will collate later on (so you are now in suspense), and I tried videoing the whole meeting, uploaded it this morning and it has cut it into 5 minute videos and started overwriting when it filled the card, still I'll upload it all to Youtube later, you can sit through it all if you like Rofl

One day I'll get this live video stream working I promise, anyway back to work for now, uploading results later.
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Once you get into pre - 1960 F1 & earlier GP cars you'll find a hugely diverse range.

Have a look through the CSCRA guidelines.

This is the GP Standards with tyre diameters, widths and track dimensions for the various eras

This is for the older Brooklands style cars

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Thanks Kevan, I'll have a look later

Woodland Fort stage
NOW... back to business, Youtube has been uploading for about 2 hours, currently on file 2 of 11 Tappingfoot  we might have a wait for this Rofl 

Track power was reduced to 11.9v (couldn't get a steady 12) at that voltage 5 seconds is a good lap for anything but a highly tuned scratchbuild.

but to the results, because there were only 5 of us we decided to run the evening as a time trials rather than races, 2 driving and 3 marshalling, each car having a 2 minute run on an inner and an outer lane, most laps in 2 minutes to give a result, this is counted to 0.01 of a lap but in the event of a tie we would use the fastest single lap (counted to 0.001 sec)

Deciding to run this format BEFORE we started saved a decision on the second pair of heats when the Scarab lost power on right hand bends, we eliminated controller or lane problems, I'm guessing it is a lead wire (I'll try to check before they are collected) but at least it got one clean run.

Everything else ran VERY smoothly, the only other problem to report is that the Ferrari Squalo of Team RNLI bounces it's way along the track nicely, on closer inspection it has a bent rear axle.

Class A was a clear battle between the 2 silver arrows, Roadrunners claiming victory by a clear lap, the Bugatti claimed the last spot on the podium.

Class B, The second of the Coopers arrived on the day of the racing and immediately was right on the pace, pushing the Roadrunners cars to the limit, the eventual gap was 0.02 of a lap, had they tied the Courtney Sport car had the faster single lap, Bangers Porsche took the final podium spot.

Class C was the closest podium with 0.04 of a lap covering the top 3, Ruscillos Ferrari shaded the win with the Tatters Williams and the Shadow of Mountain View tied behind, the decision taken by the fastest single lap gave it to the Williams by 0.019 of a second  PHEW!!

Class D was far less stressful Courtneys McLaren taking the win by over a lap from Team Cubes Williams (HOW long is this car???) and the Dallara taking 3rd.


Once again lets me say on behalf of all our members THANK YOU for allowing us to drive your beautiful cars, we had a great evening and cant wait for the next proxy if we are honoured with another hosting.

Good luck to all participants for the remaining stages.
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hehehehe yes my williams is like a stretch f1 limo 
but it does seem to be doing ok so far 
gutted with the scarab breakdown 
but thats racing 
thanks to Qman and all involved and grats to all the podiumites 
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Wavegreen Good Morning,

Many thanks to Qman, I simply  Heart the results but then I am the Road Runners Team owner  Rofl

And yes great to hear that your lads loved the Grand Prix cars, perhaps another Team or two next year  Tease

So  as to the results after the first 3 stages

So the cars will be back on the road on Monday heading to Conington Park on the East Coast.





But before they are run we will have Pitlane Review early next week.

Attached Files
.pdf Grand Prix A&B Round 3.pdf Size: 20.83 KB  Downloads: 2
.pdf Grand Prix C&D Round 3.pdf Size: 26.48 KB  Downloads: 4
.pdf Grand Prix - Team Points Round 3.pdf Size: 20.99 KB  Downloads: 3
.pdf Grand Prix - Fastest Lap Round 3.pdf Size: 15.25 KB  Downloads: 3

I have got some videos of the evenings racing, my camera automatically divided the evening into 5 minute chunks, and then overwrote the beginning Tappingfoot .

But I have to apologise for the Cornish internet, we are now waiting for the YouTube uploads to complete, 11 videos (I know Tease ) started uploading at 2pm yesterday, 3 have finished, the rest are STILL uploading.

Don't forget to post links to the videos when they're available to watch  Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

(18th-Jun-22, 11:32 AM)Kevan Wrote:  Don't forget to post links to the videos when they're available to watch  Thumbup

I think they'll be boring as hell, 5 minutes of a corner and 2 straights, you do get to see the drivers though.

The links will be posted, might be easier to subscribe to my channel (sounds like I know what I'm talking about), it's likely that the only videos on there will relate to a proxy of some sort Rofl

One of our members has posted a couple of vids on our Facebook group
I cant see any way of getting them here but you are all most welcome to visit our group.

A couple of mine are now available too, first one is here:
You should be able to see another 2 at the moment.
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It's Slot car racing videos, of course it's not boring  Thumbup

Porsche 804 looks a little under geared but that W196 is quick.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

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