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2022 GT3 Proxy Race 3 Massachusetts, USA

[Image: 3-C04-BA2-D-8452-4-AE1-B37-A-0-FF1-B69703-B5.jpg]

In the words of our host Allan "Audi1":
The River Run is a 67’ flat track, no elevation changes but one of just about everything else. One sweeper, one chicane, one increasing radius turn, one decreasing radius turn, one disguised hairpin, a segmented sweeper and three straights, one small, one medium and one larger than medium.

The track is routed mfd with braid rails. The surface is flat latex cut with a thinner to create a very smooth surface and sanded between coats with a 320 sanding sponge yielding a micro-tooth finish. Most rubber tired cars hook-up very well on this track.

We run at 10V and use track calls since it’s not possible to marshal the cars due to the fact that 85% of the surface is taken up by the lanes. I use Trackmate software and will run 9 separate, sequential 3-car races so that similar performing cars can run together.

Jeff (dge467) will run the qualy on Thursday night starting around 7:00PM EST. On Sunday starting around 10:00AM EST we’ll run the Round #3 race with Jeff, Matt (changing.gearz/CGSlotcars) and Dickie (dungeonracer) doing the driving. I’ll work the computer and keep track of the races and heats.

I’ll stream both the qualy and the race to my Facebook page - The River Run. I’ll post the link to the page before the qualy on Thursday.

Good luck to everyone in the qualy and the Round #3 race!

I’m starting to lay down the fresh rubber tonight; 1,000+ laps in each of the three lanes. I’m using my 2020 GT3 Proxy car as the mule; it’s a Scaleauto Porsche 991 sitting on a Dennis Samson (gascarnut) brass chassis with NSR Ultragrips (old formula) tires on the rear.

This car has been hooked-up very well since about lap 50.

I run with the controller trigger taped down, then adjust the voltage on the power supply so that I’m getting good speed through the chicane, which is the slowest section of the course.

Lap times in this mode are in the 6.6-6.7 sec/lap range. A good lap on this track is under 6.0, a fast lap is under 5.5 and a record lap is in the 5.2 sec/ lap range. I expect to see a lot of sub-5.5 laps on Thursday night at the qualy..


[Image: 127-D642-F-5-D10-40-B2-8-B41-7-B49-D991103-E.jpg]

[Image: BE351620-9241-442-A-92-D1-986-ABFA3594-B.jpg]
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We will try to stay out of the river!

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Live race from The River Run will be on in a few minutes
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Watching  Wavegreen

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

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