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Batch of R&R figures

The Marshalls lean around the saucer to dry.
When they are dry, there are still a few corrections to make before they can be placed on the special stages.

Drying of the safety vests after the second coat of paint
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After the painting was finished, all the figures were again present for a photo of the whole group. Next they will be placed at the track side.

Hub Thumbup

Before painting...                                                                                                                               ...The painting finished
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What started with a long delay and the fear that the entire package would have been lost in the post, has eventually turned out well:
The batch of R&R figures has been finished now and finally placed at the special stage.
Some figures had to undergo corrections, because the moulds were showing their age, as quoted in the R&R figures topic:
In the end I am very happy with the result of these figures cast by Steve (Fluff) and shipped by Brian (CMOTD).
Here are a few photos:

Hub Thumbup


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Hi Hub ,glad you're satisfied with the figures but your painting has definitely improved them .

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