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No lap count on Pit stop

I’ve moved my Arc Pro to ‘within’ the pit lane now that I’m using the Magic Arc app. 

I’ve got the setting on to count a lap if a car goes into the pits. 

But - the laps are not being counted. 

What could I be doing wrong?
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It won't count a lap for a pass through the pits because there are no physical sensors. What the Magic app does is give you the option to add a lap after a pit stop procedure - in other words pressing and holding the brake button to bring up the refuel / tyre change icons in the software.

If you're still not getting the laps added, it's likely to be an install issue - I don't remember that ever being flagged as a bug.
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Andy - I was being dim. 

It works as expected. 

Thank you
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(18th-Feb-22, 07:25 PM)mediaboy Wrote:  Andy - I was being dim. 

It works as expected. 

Thank you

And thank you for your "dim" question. I am just now dipping my toe into the digital water, having picked up a used digital setup this weekend. While working at getting lane changes right, I did wonder why my pit stops weren't being registered. I just had a quick race at lunch and yep, works as expected.
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