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My Bathurst track I built 6 yrs ago. It is to a scale of 330:1. The support frame is constructed from pine
pallets scrounged for the rear of local shops. The topside is 12mm mdf tortured into shape by various
methods. The slot is 3mm x 8.5mm deep borded by tin plated copper braid. It has two lanes of 17 meters
in length ,Scorpius lane changers and a compulsory cross over. Scorpius Race Management System handles
lap timing and race set ups. A variable power supply handles the juice and we usually run on 10.5 volts.

My Suzuka track is three lane digital/analogue. Lane length is 25 mtrs. I have almost finished the build
with some scenery work to do and tidy up some crash barriers  and other small jobs. A good lap time
is around 7.5 sec. Any members wishing to try their skill PM me I am home every day. The link to my video of the Suzuka track is
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Awesome! Loving the elevations on both tracks. It’s the best Suzuka I’ve seen…

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(18th-Feb-22, 07:23 AM)woodcote Wrote:  Awesome! Loving the elevations on both tracks. It’s the best Suzuka I’ve seen…

+1 , Great work  Thumbup

Fabulous! Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup

Stunning tracks!  Thumbup

Wow, that is a super-sized man cave.
Thank you for sharing.

Hub Thumbup

Thanks rally hub
                         The MAN CAVE is an old tobacco packing shed it measures 16 mtrs x 10 mtrs and comes in very handy.
                        Best regards Smokey.
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From my perspective as a non smoking slotcar fan it seems that the tobacco barn has now been given a much better purpose.Sun
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Superb Suzuka track.

Please tell this old dinosaur something about digital racing? when a car de-slots does it get placed back in the slot that it crashed from or can it be placed in any slot and the system pick up where the car is?


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