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New Track build

It's been roughly 11 years since I built a track. I had to sell my last one in a hurry as I'd moved and had no where to put it so it sold for $85 on ebay  Cussing
[Image: 045-jpg.297275]

I'm toying with ideas and limited space (approx 2 x 4 m),  ideally would be hybrid analogue/digital but not 100%. I had working pit lanes on both my previous wood tracks and still have my fly pit wall etc. on paper pit lane would be the lowest point and slowly rise and drop back down under bridge back to pit lane. I had to cut the top short due to space and room to move around it

[Image: image0-copy-12-_li-jpg.297276]

[Image: image0-copy-17-jpeg.296829]

[Image: image0-copy-20-jpeg.297035]
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Hi Gref,

It's great that you're starting up again.

Careful that the cars don't pick up speed on their own as they near the "radiation area".  Bigsmile
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Hi Gref
             You better get yourself a 3mm upcut bit ASAP IMO.
              P.S  I found a better drop saw blade if you need any more timber cut.
                    Best regards Smokey.

(20th-Feb-22, 08:04 PM)smokey42 Wrote:  Hi Gref
             You better get yourself a 3mm upcut bit ASAP IMO.
              P.S  I found a better drop saw blade if you need any more timber cut.
                    Best regards Smokey.

thanks mate, just waiting on email from the online store. Also realized yesterday I don't have the tools to undo the chuck on my trimmer to remove existing bit and replace (might have thrown them out unknowingly before moving). Asked Bunnings and they said I cant buy them other than with a new one, so I have contacted Ryobi

Watching with interest Thumbup Thumbup

(22nd-Feb-22, 08:29 AM)Anthony B Wrote:  Watching with interest Thumbup Thumbup

Itching to get out and get stuck into it, but waiting on the post is holding things up  Banghead Banghead Banghead Banghead

postie delivered, but I did not know, got my flexible routing strip, just need to drill holes in it now
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Been doing some drawing, hurt my back this morning so todays plans are on hold. Not real easy to see whats going on as I've on drawn in grey led pencil

[Image: image0-copy-21-jpeg.297947]

[Image: image1-copy-7-jpeg.297948]

[Image: image2-copy-7-jpeg.297949]

[Image: image0-copy-22-jpeg.297950]

[Image: image1-copy-9-jpeg.297951]

[Image: image2-copy-8-jpeg.297952]
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In the beginning it is always difficult to imagine the result.
Very important is the distance between the outer lane and the scenery.
I look forward to your progress.


Looking real good Gref , I think its time for a visit. Thumbup

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