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Whats on your bench ...

(12th-Jun-24, 12:29 PM)Kevan Wrote:  A great selection of cars there  Thumbup

Love the XB Falcon, I have a white Moffat - City Radio bodyshell and must get it rollin'n'racin'

Cheers Kevan, all track cars, the XB will take some time to tune being a Scaley car.


...Lead ballast is your friend and don't be afraid of how fact you'll know when you've put the right amount in because the car will stay in the slot Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Spurred on by Le Mans last weekend I am trying to complete 3 more cars from 2023 race

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Transforming this 911GT3 to a Touring edition - I just finished applying the 2kClear

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Work ongoing 

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Great looking colour scheme,  good luck with the rest of it!
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90% done ?

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That's one seriously cool livery. Well done!
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