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Whats on your bench ...

On my bench last night, an unobsoletion...

Take one dusty unused-for-a-few-years Peugeot 406 Coupe Silhouette, add one dusty unused-for-a-few-years repurposed Eurosport chassis of unknown age, reposition the axles, add brass side pans:


This chassis used to live under a Betta & Classic Mustang Gr5 bodyshell (we banned vacforms 2 years ago), it has a NSR Shark 22 armature in a SlotIt can and was the quickest 'Saloon' type car I've ever driven.

The wheelbase only needed tweaking less than 1mm and it's brought two items out of retirement.

It's not finished, I don't like the front wheels and it needs an interior but will be track tested on Thurs.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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That’ll work

In various stages of completion: Left to Right

Surtees TS16 - Matchbox kit bought half assembled and half painted (with a blunt stick) off Ebay for couple of quid. JS Chassis, Pendle 16k slimline motor.

1950 Nash Ambassador - NASCAR Pace Car - Resin body, bought in job lot from EBay, awful, looked like it may have been moulded from a 3D Print. Ridge lines all over, Sanded forever, 5 coats of primer 3 coats of paint, one coat lacquer and it still looks awful. PP Chassis and SRP motor

1931 Alfa Monza - Body is fibre glass bought as a pair (with the Bugatti, next) off Ebay, PP Chassis SRP 20k motor.

Bugatti Type 35B - Bought as a pair with Alfa (Above), PP Chssis and SRP motor.

Next up not started yet:

Seat Ibiza, only have Scalextric body at present.

Pendle / PP full kit of Scarab F1, not started.


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(24th-May-23, 07:25 PM)munter Wrote:  That’ll work

Oh heck aye  Bigsmile

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

Thought I'd share what I'm working on/with at the minute

All of the cars, apart from the Boxster, are last weeks festival purchases (most chosen by my 3 year old!!), some were bargains (costs below)


Left to right - 

Scalextric Ferrari F430 (£8) - Just needed a service and new tyres - Chosen because it's red Daddy!!
Carrera Camaro (£12) - again, only needed a service and tyres. My first Carrera car, seems built like a brick outhouse!
SCX 4wd Subaru (£8) - Service, tyres, lights needed fettling to get working, Gears replaced. Not convinced on the 4WD system so may convert to rwd
Scalextric JCW BMW Mini Cooper (£5) - Bare shell only so new everything added to make complete from parts in stock
Scalextric Boxster - Shell only but above 3 year old wanted a green one to go with his Red, White and Blue cars so full strip down, paint, chassis, motor etc
SCX Aston DBR9 (£20) - most expensive car from the festival. Service, new tyres and front lights are kaput so waiting on parts to replace the board with 2 x 3mm leds. 
Scalextric Porsche GT1 (£4) - Was a shed of a shell but after a good scrub and a coat of gloss looks great - Service, tyres, bulb replace and a spoiler. 

None of the cars will be desirable but I quite like that I can bring life back to some old sheds for the price of a new car

All apart from Aston are for my little boy to play with/destroy, quite like that I can bring life back to some old sheds for the price of a new car

Still have the Aston, Porsche and Boxster to finish off when parts arrive then I 'may' give buying cars a rest.  Bigsmile
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