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Whats on your bench ...

Currently   testing  a  bunch  of  low  rpm   motors  from Ebay 
So  far   this  is  the  best of the  bunch ,rated   at  12k @12v  seems  to  be  an NC 1/NC8  equivalent

Acceleration seems  a  little  better   and  so  far  its  been reliable  after 1000 laps  testing .
On my  track   with  its  aprox 3mtr straight  it   pulls out  a  car  length  over  my  best  NC1 from a  standing  start . 
And  at  1.81  whats  to loose ?
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Thanks Graham for this - let us know your results - am looking for some cheapish motors Thumbup

This  current  one  is  excellent   abie but  if  your  looking for  something  a  little  faster   try  these
They  are    like  an NC2  but  smoother   and  very  driveable   They  run at  about  18k  on 12v  I  have  one in a  slot  it   Audi   geared  at  9/30  and its   very  quick  ,there  is  a  bit  of   magnetic  down force   too a  very  impressive cheap  motor
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Will definitely import a few - of various kinds - well worth the testing  - thanks so much for the link and heads up.

I'm very impressed by the supplier I  wrote giving  specific  requirements  and  they  came  back  with a  few  options  including  one  which    I'm pretty  sure  is  the slot devil  36k  long  can at   less  than a  quarter  of  the  price  ,and  that  screams   but  is  also  drivable .

I Looked at that as well - and the FK 180......

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