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Scalextric Formula Junior as Pacer car in Sport World

I thought it might be a bit of fun to run a Formula Junior as a Pacer car with Sport World in anticipation of some old school races.

Apologies for the poor quality video but I was driving the Renault and filming the BRM Formula Junior at the same time. The Formula Junior has a small mod to the guide post, it is extended to trigger the optical sensor better.

I think it is pretty neat that a car from a bygone era can still be made to work on a relatively modern system.

Has anyone done a digital conversion on a Formula Junior?


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Well Bazzer, you like challenges don't you?  Using one of Scalextric's flops as a pace-car? 
Good job though.


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I like to have groups of cars to race 'like by like' so Porsche 911 GT3 as pairs, GT40's as pairs etc.

So I have 3 FJ's to have some FJ races, interestingly next week I have an Airfix MR11 set coming with 2 cars that I think might be contemporises  of the FJ's.

Do you think the FJ's were a flop for Scalextric? They sold by the truck load and presumably in the 1960's they made profits, I thought the commercial problems came from Triang.

I would say in the FJ's defence that they got a lot of people interested in slot cars, and of course you know how much I like getting results from equipment that the mainstream say is no good, that is how I got to be fiddling with the Sport World system.

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