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Viability of 3D Scans - 2022

Teaching Tech just posted a great video showing the viability of various, currently available, 3d scanning technologies for the purposes that would most relate to what we hope to do, which is a small part with complex curved, but smooth, geometry with the goal of printing the thing we scanned with minimal work to edit the scan prior to printing.

TLDW: It costs a fortune, and still needs work before printing.

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3D scan -> printer is years away yet, even investing in ££££££ scanners still needs post processing software by hand...


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Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...
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Yep, but convincing people of that can be difficult, so when these videos pop up, I share them.

It's like, people actually believe that street cameras are all 8k HD with infinite zoom, that can get enough detail from the reflection of a face in a window for instant facial ID on a magic floating monitor in the "war room" of any given police department in the world. That stuff doesn't even exist in high end military stuff. Just because Blade Runner hit theaters decades ago, doesn't mean that technology exists! :P I don't know how many times I had to tell people that it doesn't work like that while I was working for a car insurance company handling claims.

It's a technology usually brought up by folk who don't 3D print or understand the limitations of 3D printing and it's needs.

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...
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I don't 3D print (yet). I don't understand much other than what you guys are telling us.

I am old enough to know that technology evolves, and changes at an alarming rate today.

In 1965 along came Maxwell Smart and the introduction of the shoe-phone. (The TV program "Get Smart" had cell-phones in over 50-wierd places)


Then in 1973 Martin Cooper invented the first true wireless cell-phone available to the public... the size of a double-decker bus!


Over the years I've heard many people say that they will never get a cell-phone. If those same people were to lose their phones today? They would need to go into re-hab because of withdrawal symptoms, and cell-phone dependency.

I think the future of 3D printing looks very bright. It's Star Trek coming to life with replicators! I look forward to buying one when they debug them a little more.

The first CD players were very expensive. Cheap technology today because everyone's going MP3-4-5-6...


Yes. It's that truth that leads people often to believe that the tech simply must already exist to do what we want.
Will it happen in the future? Probably. 

But just to put 3D printing into perspective, the tech we're using has actually been around for decades. It's just now getting into households at an affordable price.
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That was my point. Cell phones did the same thing over time. So did the PC.

Everyone will have a 3D printer down the road.

Of course. I never said it will NEVER be there, only that it is not, currently, there. My point with this thread is that we're not at the point with 3D scanning that people want it to be, and many honestly expect it to be. 

People see scans of a person or statue and assume the tech will be just as good for scanning a car.

Hopefully, this video shows that it's not the same thing, and that it's NOT just as good for a car.

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