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VW splitscreen converted to Crewcab sign truck

(14th-Jan-22, 05:57 PM)Gpa113 Wrote:  Hi Tibbs,

Looks like you are making good progress,  plenty to learn along the way!

Here are some photos of the Majorette 1 32 scale Hot Rods that will  be getting the same treatment. 
All purchased from eBay, used under £6, except for the Chevy '57.  That was brand new and was £6.99!
These are fairly heavy.  I will be using chassis's from the generic Scalextric Formula 1/ Formula 3 cars from the mid '90's.
Very cheap to purchase, easy to modify, inline motors and very flat chassis.

Should be a bit of fun, and once completed (started would be progress) will be a fun edition to a Club night.
Obviously they will not break any records,  but possibly will  break the scenery... Rofl

Will put some chassis photos up next.
I can't believe how much fun I'm having Pip and this group is so welcoming with answering and helping out which makes it so much better.

Those hotrods will be awesome, one I'm looking at doing is similar to the orange pick up truck you have.
I'm keeping an eye out for a donner like that.
Look forward to seeing the chassis pics, I've got a book I'm using to write down all these great tips you guys have.
My wife thinks I'm reliving my youth Rofl

And when you want something really  silly to do.....

A Majorette 1 32 American Limousine,  Lincoln I think?  

Have fun,


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Tibbs, age is only a number,  however big!

Fully agree about the forum, and how welcoming everyone is.  Nice place to be, and so much help and information  Thumbup
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A little bit more milliput action tonight on the wheel arches.
I managed to remove the lights and not ruin them, I've dremeled their backing plates out so the little light thats on my chassis will shine through.
They won't be as effective as putting individual LED's on each but I'll see how we go.
That's it for the night, wait for the filler to go off and back on it tomorrow.
Time to look through some of your guys threads.  Thumbup
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I hope this isn't too drawn out and boring these posts, but I'm having way to much fun making this pic up.
I've smoothed off the wheel arches after adding milliput.
I've made a balsa wood flatbead and a couple of bars which will have my ladder on them.
It might not seem much but it's all pretty fiddly stuff, well it was for me.
I've then spent way to much time upholstering the seats from some thin leather off a broken specsavers glasses cover, I thought if I'm going to do this I might as well go to town on it.
I think thats the dry build done, before I hit the paint shop, the dash need something too. Maybe a different colour.
I have some tyre's and some weights plus a man figure coming from Pendle next week.
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It's looking better every time we see it!  Thumbup
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(16th-Jan-22, 07:43 PM)KensRedZed Wrote:  Tibbs,

It's looking better every time we see it!  Thumbup

Thank you Ken  Thumbup
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