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Chase Cars - any info?

Does anybody know what has happened to Gareth of Chase Cars? The website still functions but everything is out of stock. His Facebook page hasn't been updated since 2019 and I haven't seen Gareth at the UKSF for a couple of years prior to the virus thing. No reply to emails either.
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Pre-Covid, Gareth was helping George Turner develop the chassis for his Edwardian Racers. I hope he's okay and simply doing other things. George might know more.
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Hi, I've kept the website open so the instructions are still visible and to let Scalextric choose their forthcoming lineup Thumbup



I stopped developing the cars as it was a huge amount of work for not enough reward.  It was an interesting idea (quite a good one judging by the number of 3D printed parts out there now), I learned a lot and met a few people who are genuinely kind.  Unfortunately, my idea of what made for a fun slot car - scale speed, steering and handling agreed with about 0.00000002% of the market so it was time to abandon it.

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That's a real shame.

I really liked the chassis idea, and the way the cars behaved, but since my main collection is 60s and 70s rally cars, the bodies weren't my sort of thing.

It was truly original though, so it's a shame it didn't work out for you.
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Good to see you are still alive Gareth and thanks for clearing things up. Shame you no longer do them as I really enjoyed playing with them when you visited Mussel Bay club a few years back, but if sales don't justify the effort I guess it was time to wind it up. Really neat original idea though.
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Hello Gareth, 
Thank you for the wonderful Harrington Coach. The forums tend to focus on competitive racing rather than those of us who just enjoy running their cars around a layout, so not an ideal market place for your innovative products. 

Best  regards, Leo

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Sorry to hear that it didn't work out but like many others I am a club racer so the chassis wasn't suitable for my type of racing.
Have you thought about continuing the bodies so that they can be fitted to more traditional chassis. At least you may be able to sell enough to recoup some of the time and money you have invested.

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