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Micro Scalextric New Releases 2022

Scalextric's 1:64 scale system continues to develop after a complete re-design for 2019. The first two years focused almost entirely on younger racers with sets and cars following an 'entertainment' theme, including the very cool Warner Brothers DC Comics and Looney Tunes licensed products. These sets, individual cars and accessory packs have really hit the spot with the toy retail world and and young families.


A massive new-for-2022 double-loop set ‘The Race for Gotham’ features Batman and Joker cars. The RRP for this is £74.99 and it's scheduled for release in the summer. Like other new Micro sets, it is battery powered to make it ready to use for customers worldwide – wherever AA batteries are available. A UK mains power upgrade is available as an accessory pack. Other accessory packs include extra track, a mechanical lap counter and a loop.

There has  always been a promise from the Scalextric team that more road and race-oriented themes would follow the 'entertainment' range... if the range was successful. Yes, there were two fabulous James Bond sets with Aston Martin and Jaguar cars - but I am delighted to report that there’s new tooling for three more ‘real’ Micro Scalextric cars in the 2022 Scalextric catalogue – a Lamborghini Huracán Evo, a Porsche 911 Turbo and the Formula-E Spark2...


These will be available in two new sets – ‘Super Speed Race’ and ‘Formula E’ – both scheduled for the summer. The Formula-E liveries will be Sébastien Buemi’s Nissan and Oliver Turvey’s NIO...


Both these new  sets share a ‘racing’ layout with a lap counter and no loops. They are battery powered (a mains upgrade pack is available), have a RRP of £64.99 and are scheduled for a summer release.

An orange Huracán and a white Porsche will be sold separately, plus the previously available Warner Brothers individual cars remain in the catalogue – a new batch being manufactured for 2022.
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There were hints there might be a few 2022 products not in the catalogue...


This black Porsche 911 Turbo vs Police SUV set will be available this summer, exclusively from the Scalextric website:
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Just unveiled by Scalextric is the first artwork for their Formula-E set...


This is scheduled to arrive before Christmas. I'll try and get hold of images and samples just as soon as they are available!
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The Scalextric team have kindly sent us pictures of some samples of the new Micro cars. These aren't the finished products, but give a nice idea of what we have to look forward to in the summer...


I've written up the Formula-E on another thread in the News section as it was certainly worthy of mention to the wider world. This is a completely new car with a new chassis and highly-detailed body. In order to produce an accurate scale model of such a unique racing car, the design team have opted to go to the outer limits of HO scale - in the region of 1:55 or bigger. This is an undecorated sample - the different colours are the different moulds. Two cars will be available in the ABB FIA Formula-E set, due this summer and priced at £69.99.

The new Lamborghini Huracán and Porsche 911 are perfectly traditional HO cars. They use the 2019 Micro Scalextric chassis, with the front axle in the forward position - a wheelbase of approximately 1.7-inches. The bodies and newly-tooled wheels look pretty neat...


The orange and white cars will be released individually - priced at £15.99 and available in the autumn.


The red and green cars are included in the Super Speed Race set - priced at £69.99 and scheduled for the summer. There's also a black Porsche to be included in the High Speed Pursuit set - price at £59.99 and scheduled for the summer.

Here are two undecorated samples of the Porsche and Lamborghini, just to see how the cars start out...


Huge thanks to Marcus and the team at Scalextric for sending us these images. I hope to have a play with the next evolution of the cars, when they are available.
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The G1178 Super Speed Race set is due very soon...


And here's more of those awesome new cars...


The RRP for the set is £69.99 and it's available for pre-order from the Scalextric site here:
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