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Triple Crown - American Road Race Slot Car Proxy Tour

A win for the AMG?? Finally the maniacal grin on its face is justified  Wrench

NERCS, thank you Makem, and Mike174 and the rest of the team for running the round.  Congratulations toTatter06, SirCourtneyS, and ALS on your wins.  Best of luck to you all in round 10 on Raceday.
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Wavegreen Good Morning,

just to apologise for the delay in posting the results, the final round 10 was run on Thursday, again another running late into the evening.
Our host had anticipated posting the results yesterday but due to working late was unable to do it as planned. But today the results of the last round should be posted.

I will at the "UK Slot Festival" most of today, so I will catch up with the posting from Woodland Fort and release the final results tomorrow for the American Road Race.
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Welcome to the report from Woodland Fort
Let me firstly introduce your drivers for the evening, in no particular order we have Graeme Bickford, Ian Chanter, John Down, Ant Daw, Mike Stonehouse, Ken Kinski and myself Bernie Lawrance

Let me then, on behalf of the drivers thank you for allowing us to drive your beautiful cars and what a wonderful collection they are, you should all be very proud of your achievements.

The format for the evening was that all the cars would each be driven in 2x 2minute races, on an inner and an outer lane of our 4 lane routed wooden track.
The 4 opening drivers would drive one race, the cars would then change lanes but the drivers stay where they are for the second race, in other words each car would be driven by 2 different drivers.
The next 4 cars from the list were then placed on the track and the drivers move one lane to the left, the end driver coming off to be replaced by the next driver, that way the drivers of the cars were totally random.
We decided at the start that the result would be taken from the combined laps completed for the two races, any ties decided by the fastest single lap.

We would attempt to fix any car problems that occur during a race or between a cars two races, this only happened to one car during the whole meeting, Roadrunners Greenwood Corvette, one wheel became slightly loose allowing the spur gear to move out of mesh, this was repaired before the second race but obviously affected the cars overall placing.
What was really nice was that the favourite car from most attending was actually the slowest, the beautiful Ford Crestliner of Loose Salute, it was the one car that everyone wanted to try, it handled just like an old Yank tank but had the ability to put a smile on everyone's face, personally I loved the GTO of Team Cube which has made me determined to build my own 1/32 tank, I just need to find the right shell, probably a Chevy Bel Air if one turns up.

Anyway you'll want to know the results, we deliberately stayed away from the previous reports until after our round but the results were very similar.


The final sheet shows all the results combined in one table, and a record of the fastest single laps


To give a reference to the times achieved the 2 minute record for a properly sorted Scalextric BMW 118 (bodyfloat, glued and trued standard tyres and the addition of lead) is 22.66 laps, and a properly sorted modified saloon has done 26.14 but this car had the advantage of a lexan bodyshell but still kept it's rubber tyres.

I now need to apologise for the lack of photos, I 'thought' that I had a video of majority of the racing but it didn't work, I ended up with just a short clip, I promise to do better next time, and then, after a VERY long evening the cars were packed away before my drive home, that was when I realised that I'd forgotten to take podium photos, no problem I can do that at home.... except my car broke down, one mile from home on a pitch black country road with no electrics (so no lighting), when I finally got home I decided that enough was enough, so sorry

Again we thank you all for allowing us to drive your cars and would love to host a round of any further proxy series
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Wavegreen Good afternoon,

So once again many thanks to Woodland Fort for giving up their normal Club night racing to run our cars in the Proxy. It is greatly appreciated that we had some hosts and slot racing clubs willing to host our events when they are not entering the competition themselves. But it is also equally great to see that more entrants are involved with running cars as hosts, so they get to see how the Proxy system works and see their cars in action directly against the rest of the field. Having 10 different hosts is definitely better than having 6 hosts as we did on our first Road Race.

DHL notified me that I should hopefully receive the cars back here at Harlequin tomorrow, so I post some photos of the winning cars on the podium positions for Woodland Fort for Stage 10 for the record.  And then do some pics of the cars in the final Series finishing positions as per results below.

Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag Checkeredflag

So here we go, after 10 rounds over 2 months the cars have eventually made it to the end of the American Road Race.

So to the much anticipated final combined results





Pendle Slot Racing
George Turner Models www.georgeturnermodels
Amato Slot Car Design

Attached Files
.pdf American Road Race A&B Stage 10.pdf Size: 21.93 KB  Downloads: 6
.pdf American Road Race C&D Stage 10.pdf Size: 22.52 KB  Downloads: 5
.pdf American Road Race Team Points Stage 10.pdf Size: 21.24 KB  Downloads: 5
.pdf American Road Race - Fastest Lap stage 10.pdf Size: 15.27 KB  Downloads: 8
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Congratulations to our American Road Race Winners and runners up, I will be awarding medals and arranging with our Sponsors appropriate allocation of gift vouchers to the top three in each class and our overall Team winners. Additionally there will be a medal for "Team with fastest Single Lap cars" over the series

And the winner of the "Best Presented cars" George Turner Award will announced in the next couple of days.
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Thanks for organising the American Road Race, Graham, and congratulations on 2nd place for your Corvette.

Last few rounds have been a little nail biting. Very close for first and second place for all classes and overall. Could have gone any way, on Stage 10.

Next up are the Grand Prix cars!!


Pendle Slot Racing
George Turner Models www.georgeturnermodels
Amato Slot Car Design
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With a break in racing,(watching Monaco) I can now say thank you Graham for logistics that kept the proxy moving quickly.  Thanks to each of the hosts and drivers for running our cars and providing feedback for improving them going forward.  Finally, congratulations to the builders who are on the podium in each class and much better luck in the upcoming series for those who did not get the results they wanted.
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Well done to everyone involved another well run and entertaining proxy   Yes
Congratulations to the top 3 teams, well deserved, all consistent and fast cars that dealt with everything thrown at them. A tight midfield pack too so very competitive right up to the last round.

Looking forward to the GP proxy next.
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Just to reinforce all the above comments , a big thank you to all the hosts and entrants I think the events are really close and still a diverse selection of cars ( ok a lot of Camero’s ) but besides that a diverse selection with different ideas on their preparedness. 
Big applause to Graham for running the event as well as host scrutineer and competitor. 

Again thanks and a well done to the winners .??
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