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Triple Crown - American Road Race Slot Car Proxy Tour

Wavegreen Good evening,

It seems that the Kev is getting a lot of requests from entrants to make repairs and alterations to the cars running performance.

I think it is reasonably fair to ask a host to carry out a repair in order for the car to be able to continue in the competition.
But I think it is not reasonable to ask hosts to make running changes to a car, to enhance their performance part way through the competition.

Sorry folks, but we must keep within the spirit of the event
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class A 
very tight at the top with courtney just pipping brumos for the win , ruscillo racing rounding out the podium with his renault rocket

class B
another close fought contest with bangers just holding off roadrunners , ALS a close 3rd 

class C
tatters mustang showed the chevy's a clean pair of heels in this class with brumos and mountain view in hot pursuit 

class d
courtney again tops the tree , that little porsche is quick , Ade's pantera takes runner up with bangers on the podium again 

fastest lap over 20 laps was used for deciding the leader board 
total time ( including deslots )  would have been the tie decider but wasn't needed 
had to run this round solo , i am isolating prior to surgery early next week , so total time might not have been such a good idea , especially if a car came out at the far side of the track , perhaps a good job it wasnt required  

i must say it has been a thrill to run all these cars 
a huge thankyou to all the entrants for trusting me with these beauties
personally the 4x barges were my favorites , even if they weren't as quick 
but what an eye opener some of the quick cars have been , loving the brass chassis cars too

all cars are packed up and in good order for the next stage 

well-done to all the podiumites , and good luck to all for the next round 

looking forward to the 2nd part of the Triple Crown , the open wheelers  Thumbup

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Thumbs Up 

Thanks Kev, another great stage. Especially, a big thank you for the body mount on my 911.

Congratulations SirCourtneyS, Tatter06 and ChrisK on your wins looks like it was a series of 2nd place podiums for team Brumos RSR.   Thank you OXO for running he round happy thoughts for those who finished as or better than expected and good luck next time to those who performed under expectations.
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Thanks Kev and tour crew Congratulations To The Podium Winners great Racing and great cars .Good luck to all on the next leg of the Proxy

(8th-May-22, 01:13 AM)ALS Wrote:  Thanks Kev and your crew Congratulations To The Podium Winners great Racing and great cars .Good luck to all on the next leg of the Proxy
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Thanks for hosting Kev and congratulations to those on top in each class. My Lambo continues it's downward spiral from its previous performances; I don't suppose you noticed anything amiss with it?

(9th-May-22, 06:48 AM)AdeC Wrote:  Thanks for hosting Kev and congratulations to those on top in each class. My Lambo continues it's downward spiral from its previous performances; I don't suppose you noticed anything amiss with it?

nothing obvious with this car Ade , infact its very consistent , just look at the shake down and fastest lap times , also if you look at the 20 lap total time , only the class winner posted a faster total time , which shows how easy this car is to drive , on this track top end counts alot to a fast time due to the long straights , and other cars are obviously a little bit faster , if median (average)  times had been used instead of fastest lap for the placings , your car would have easily been on the podium , therefore i dont think its a down ward spiral , it is very much timing / track type related  so i  dont think theres anything to worry about  it is still a very good car in its class  , its also worth noting some of the entered cars/ builders are proxy winners else where , so we are all up against good experienced builders which is a huge plus in my view and will only spur us / me on .....  hope this helps
sorry for the text wall 
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Wavegreen Good Morning,

Just recovering from my trip down to Wye Valley Slot car Club yesterday for some real live Slot Rally racing, and what fantastic stages they had for us to run on. Really great day out meeting up again with both old and new friends. Also met up with our very own Chris K (Bangers Racing), who was enjoying his first live Rally event, great to finally meet up with one our regular entrants...or should I say leading entrant, at least up until now in our American Road Race. I had a good rummage about in his car box to see what ideas I could steal for my cars in the next Proxy  Bigsmile

But anyway feeling a little tired, but managed to compile the accumulated results for stages 1-7 of the Proxy.





 so ever so close at the top with only 3 more stages left to run, and there is much to talk about tomorrow for my  Pitlane Review

Pendle Slot Racing
George Turner Models
Amato Slot Car Design

Attached Files
.pdf American Road Race A&B Stage 7.pdf Size: 21.36 KB  Downloads: 5
.pdf American Road Race C&D Stage 7.pdf Size: 22.04 KB  Downloads: 3
.pdf American Road Race Team Points Stage 7.pdf Size: 21.09 KB  Downloads: 1
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Good Morning,

Pitlane Review
what a week it was, started with some very unexpected issues with the Rokers Roar Monte Carlo and Bangers Racing Porsche 911 having body mount problems. Not sure if that was caused by DHL or just racing fatigue. However at "Goldrock" the garage is always very obliging, and managed to patch them together again. Lets hope that they stay the distance for the remaining Stages  Wrench

And RNLI Ferrari made the long trip home and back just in time for the stage run, I was anticipating that with the electrical problem fixed, we might eventually see the Ferrari in action and at the top of the podium ..... but perhaps not yet.

So as to the overall results for stages 1-7

Cannonball Run 
1st place -Ruscillo Racing Megane
2nd Place -Courtney Sport Porsche 911 RSR
3rd place-  Brumos Porsche 997

The Scalextric Porsche 911 of Courtney Sport seems to really be able to hold it's own against the Ninco's at the moment and is catching the Megane,  but as we move onto to see the formidable Merchiston Motors circuit what will happen there is anyone's guess. And Brumos Ninco Porsche 997 seems to be getting stronger as the series continues, so it could be a 3 way fight for the finish.

Pan American
1st place - Bangers Racing AC Cobra
2nd place - RoadRunners Corvette
3rd place - ALS Corvette

No surprise that Bangers AC Cobra is running away with this class, maybe because the Corvettes are too busy fighting each other for runners up positions, got my fingers crossed for the RoadRunners of course  Bigsmile

Classic Trans Am & NASCARS
1st place-  Brumos RSR Camaro
2nd place - Team Tatters Mustang Notchback
Joint 3rd Place - Team Cube -Pontiac GTO & Mountain View Camaro

The Pontiac slipping up at the home advantage, well I guess I am not the only one surprised by this. I figure that with the host being slightly incapacitated at the time, choosing fastest time did not work to the homes advantage. So the result is that Mountain View's Camaro is up there fighting for 3rd place.

Modern Trans Am & NASCARS
Joint 1st place - Bangers Racing Porsche 911S & Courtney Sport Porsche 914/6
3rd place - Green Star Racing - De Tomaso

Well perhaps not surprisingly the American Road Race "fastest car" has caught up with the leader, but can the Porsche of Courtney Sport cash in with 3 stages to run.
Bangers Racing Porsche 911s just outplaced by Green Stars De Tomaso this time around, losing that valuable point.

Team Points
1st Place - Bangers Racing
2nd place - Courtney Sport
3rd  place Brumos RSR

On the face of it, Bangers Racing look like cruising home to win the Team Prize, but I think it all depends on the Road worthiness of the Porsche 911S, can it be held together for the last 3 rounds. For sure Courtney Sport will be very near at the end of the series with both their cars now running very strongly during this period. And with Brumos RSR also showing a strong contender.

So next we are off to Scotland where our host at Merchiston Motors will no doubt have some more surprises for us, certainly did last year, and will be the indoor or outdoor track, we will have to see  Sun
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