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Cox 1/32 Lexan repops?

Does anyone know if the 1/32nd lexan bodies made and sold by cox in the 60's - Ferrari P4, Lola T70, Ford Mk 4, and?? , are being re-pop'd or if anyone might have an original Ferrari to sell. The one I bougfht recently is damaged quite badly.

Check out Team Blue Groove. Bill Bostic has sent them many original bodies to use as molds and they have repopped many cars out of heavy 30K material. Whether or not they have what you are looking for I do not know
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Hi Anthony, the Cox 1/32 "Daytona" series bodies were in fact made by Lancer,......if you are not in a hurry, I may have a spare P4. I am enjoying a warm climate for the next couple of months but when I return, I will have a look.

Chris Walker

Outstanding Chis and am more than prepared to wait - will also fit in as I will have my new address ;)

many thanks Chris!

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