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UK HO Drag Proxy Series 2021-22 - Race #5 January 2022

I'm not convinced that one lane is better than the other. These are store bought items. The quality control is what it is. It's all good. It's just in good fun anyways. I'm glad the chassis survived.

Shoes don't need to be extremely flat at the front if we're using braids.  From now on, all my shoes will have enough lead-in to make up for the minor track deviations. Tada!  Thumbup
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I also meant to say thank you to Andy for the repairs!  Wrench
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Cars are on their way to Ken, Pete and Kev. Iain’s and Jeremy’s ready for the planned Friday dispatch.

A big thank you to Ken, Bill and SlotRacer for the goodies than accompany the cars this time. And thanks to everyone who’s chipped in a couple of extra quid here and there - that’s gone towards a load more medals for the rest of the year.

I spoke to Clive on Sunday. He sends his regards to all - and congratulations to last week’s winners. His operation was successful and hopes to be home very soon to start work on his cars for March.
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Thank you for sending our cars off so quickly.

Also. Thank you for the update on Clive. That's great that he's doing well.

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cars arrived home safe and sound today ... thankyou Andy 
looking forward to March and another crack at those pesky 350z's 

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The cars made it home safely. Thanks a millon!

Cool door prizes too! Thanks again!

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Good morning, 
Any news on the new 6 ohm chassis variations that might be possible in the future?

Asking for a friend  Rofl Wavegreen Thumbup Cool

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Pm me your email address and I’ll send you the draft regs  Thumbup
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