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2022 GT3 Proxy Race 1 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Gentlemen, the Twenty Seven GT3 cars are in Vancouver for race #1 with SuperSlab. Alwyn always puts on a great qualifying and race, thanks for taking this on Alwyn! Looking very forward to see how our cars perform in a race environment however with very cold below 10 Celsius temperatures, the heating at the track just isn't remotely up to the task of coping.   The race is holding off for a few days until things return to something closer to normal.
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Good luck OXO Cube!

Wish I could be there with you, but after a mini post-shootout dip, I have re-engaged brain and started planning for the next series.

I love puttering with gears
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(7th-Jan-22, 08:07 AM)BARacer Wrote:  Good luck OXO Cube!

thanks Jeremy
looking forward to the start ... hoping everyone is keeping safe in BC with their arctic blast 
tbh even if i come last .... i am happy already .... just qualifying is a dream for me 
btw ... will be joining you in the Auz proxy next year .... so good luck to you and Alan in that one this year  Thumbup

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Looks like Race #1 of the GT3 Proxy Series is set for Saturday 11AM Pacific Time in Vancouver, British Columbia at the Tanex Racetrack.  I will post the YouTube link here tomorrow when available.
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Here is the order of the race grid for Saturday’s race.   Qualifying was held yesterday and the fastest times were significantly faster than the previous season at the same track just as predicted by the fast times seen at the shootout and Round 0 at MID-BC.

[Image: 827-A724-E-F2-DB-4-A14-8-F22-2-BB8-B1802152.jpg]

Some very very fast cars as you can see by the times.   Many cars are in tight at the 6.5 to 6.6 second range….over half the cars actually.

Here are last season’s qualifying results in comparison.  Significant improvements.

[Image: 4016-D569-2699-475-B-B64-B-7145013363-B6.jpg]
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YouTube link for yesterday’s qualifying.

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Amazing, I knock off 4/10ths and I’m still in 11th.  I thought the Vette was easier to drive than the Porsche.    We will see.  Good luck to everyone on Raceday.
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Race Day Link:


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