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Mini Tempest Stages 2021


A one-day single-venue version of the Tempest Rally takes place on Tuesday 28 December (tomorrow) at Rushmoor in Hampshire. Because of Covid, it's a strictly non-spectator event, but there will be a live stream from around 8.45am on YouTube...

The entry list (it's an eclectic mix) and live timing can be found on the Sutton & Cheam Motor Club website:

Rushmoor is Ministry of Defence land near Aldershot and was a regular venue for stages on the full Tempest event - and now the home of the 2021 Mini Tempest. The eight stages will be run over four slightly different versions of the 'Rushmoor Arena' course - mostly tarmac, but with some dirt and gravel. Although some rain (or snow) would make a great day of viewing on YouTube, I'm hoping for mild and dry weather - I'll be marshalling the event... The forecast suggests I'll have to make do with drizzle and 11-degrees.
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This reminds me of the RAC Rally held at the end of November.
It is a shame. Without that event the WRC is not any longer what it should be.

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Yes, the RAC is a big loss to the WRC, but it wouldn't come anywhere near me in the South of England.

When the RAC became a 'modern' special stage rally through the 60's it didn't venture to the south of England any more. Rallying in the British Isles is mostly thought of as the forest stages of Wales, the North and Scotland, plus narrow tarmac in Ireland and the Isle of Man. But there are rallies more like lowland European events in the South and the Midlands too - of which the Tempest is one. There are exceptions - like the Rallye Sunseeker, in and around the New Forest... that's the event depicted in the recent Avant Slot Subaru of Elfyn Evans.

Down in the South, we also have a couple of single-venue rally stage events at Brands Hatch (next month) and Goodwood (probably postponed to the autumn), plus a couple of historic events featuring road and special stages. Of course, there are still loads of 12-car and night-time navigational road rallies - nowhere near as fast and furious as when my dad used to do them in the 50s and 60s, but still really popular for car club members.
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Spent the day on a chicane which breaks up the longest straight. The morning was wet and exceedingly windy…

The weather brightened up in the afternoon…

With the direction reversed, there was standing water right in the braking zone for the chicane, meaning the obstacle was smashed up and re-built on a couple of occasions - plus we lost a few cones through the day… most of which were deposited at the next corner. We also collected two wing mirror covers, a separate mirror and two side indicator covers - and a whole Citroën C2 that ploughed straight into the pallets that made up the chicane.

It was a brilliant day and great people. The Alfa 33 in the second video didn’t sound much like an Alfa… I chatted to the co-driver at lunchtime and it’s basically Subaru Impreza power and drive train with Italian styling. A lot of work, but looked very special.

There were loads of Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts, some of which were very quick - plus a pair of superbly-prepared 205 GTis that were mixing it with the modern Rally-spec 4WD Fiestas, Subarus and the winning Lancer Evo VI.

The stage results, times etc are here:
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The Lunicorn Motorsport pairing of Lucy Wigley and Emma Cooper have posted this fabulous in-car video of Stage 2 of the Mini Tempest...

Emma's report of the day is here:

And yes, theirs was the C2 that wiped our beloved chicane...

I love to see amateur teams create such professional coverage of grass-roots motor sport.
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