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MSCC - 2022 Race results & reports etc.

MSCC 2022 Slot Rally results & reports etc.

New race calendar and rules updates etc. available for download on the club page.

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...

Race results - 6th Jan 2022
Club Revoslot


A good turnout for the first event of 2022, a welcome return of a healthy looking Dave and a young newcomer Tommy who’s Dad last raced on a slot car track in the 80’s.
No Chris who was recovering from covid-booster-itis (it has many side effects, some worse than others) and no Michael who has recently been isolating also due to covid…let’s hope 2022 isn’t going to see too much of this.
The Club Revos have had the deep guides fitted and all 4 cars had their front tyres trued to the same size as the yellow car which is the easiest of the 4 to drive. This is to ensure full guide depth in the slot…and track records fell numerous times tonight.
The new visitor, young Tommy listened well, cleaned the tyres and a 7.1 sec lap is pretty good managed a best time in Yellow with the Marcos.
Dave had a re-run in Red after a braid was pulled out due to a mirror falling off the car in the next lane.  The next two heats Geoff and Gavin raced with the spare car in Red which wasn’t as quick as the regular car.
Everyone else had a mix of good and bad luck as the races weren’t seeded. 
Heat wins in heat order for Mike, Kev, Dave, Geoff & Andy

Next week is the first of the regular racing, Small Sport/Saloons and Group 5.  Last year we raced Small Sports/Saloons then Saloons, this year we’re having a slow race followed by a fast race for all of the regular racing.

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...
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New for 2022 for club members who are paying full fees monthly.  'Club Challenge' is a regular double slot on this years race calendar.  

Andy has kindly supplied a set of what was up until Thursday night - a mystery but was revealed to all - NSR Moslers and Truspeed BP2 controllers.
  • The cars must be fitted with everything in the box except the magnet
  • Tyres can be glued & trued - no tyre treatments are allowed on the tyres
  • The cars can be tuned with adjustments available on the car
  • No ballast or removing of any parts will be allowed
  • Bodyshells can be painted or liveried to personal choice and there will be a concourse prize for the best turned out car
  • The 3 controllers supplied will stay plugged into the track and used by all of us

Anyone who isn't a monthly subscriber can race as normal on these nights with a car suitable for Sports but won't be included in the 'Club Challenge'

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...

Race results - 13th Jan 2022
Small Sports/Saloons

With Andy, Dave & Mike absent, we still had a good turnout thanks to the return of Chris & Mike H.
All three classes had competition:
Mike vs Gav in Standard class, AC Cobra vs Lancia Fulvia. Mikes Cobra having the benefit of setup time and testing was consistent, Gavs Lancia still in the early stages.
Kev & Chris in Modified class, Chris racing the E-type again, Kev racing a Chappy 2C for the first time.
Brian & Tommy in Open class, Brians Big Healey with a few years of racing under it’s belt was super consistent whilst Tommy raced a borrowed Triumph TR7 (thanks Chris) and had a best run in Yellow.
Heat wins in heat order for Kev & Brian.
About this time Mark showed up with a box full of Slot cars and goodies, expect to see some of these cars in the near future under new management.  The club now has a controller - Truspeed BP2, one careful owner, just run-in.
Group 5

This year Group 5 race on the same night as the small cars, some of these are huge (try getting past a Nissan Skyline in the tight chicane!).
Standard class has recently seen Kevs BMW M1 and tonight went well with Chris racing the too-big-to-overtake-in-the-tight-chicane Nissan Skyline, both cars managing consistent times and both drivers using SlotIt SCP controllers.
Modified class was busy tonight, Brians Capri has been the one to beat in this class of late and was tonight also, whilst Mike & Tommy finished close, Mikes Ferrari and Tommy using the spare club BMW 320i (which drives like a dream).
Open class only saw one car tonight, Gavs Porsche 935 going really well, he loves driving it and set the 3rd fastest overall score on the night.
Heat wins in heat order for Kev & Brian.
Next week we’re racing Saloons and Sports.
If anyone has a spare car to donate to the club for future new members to hire, they will be gratefully received. There’s already 4 Rally cars, we’re looking for Small Sports, Grand Prix/Pre-wing, Saloon, Sports and F1.

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...

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