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New Gen II chip on its way.


Hi Guys,
New basic Scorpius Generation II car chip.
Emphasis on simplicity and durability.
17.4x8.5 or 147.9 (or 1/3 size of Generation I car chip).
DC only. (No power loss due to diodes).
Bluetooth connectivity ie phone 
App for Android and iOS ready to publish.
Uses nRF52810 QFN 5x5 microprocessor 
Massive 30V 25Amp drive mosfet.
Single sided, 2 layer PCB.
Fat power tracks.
Power and motor EMF protected.
Big components for durability.
$49.95 AUD plus tax and postage. 
Available January 2022.
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Scorpius Generation II car decoder.
Destruction testing stage:
Car: NSR Mosler
Motor: 25K Shark
Power: 18V
Speed: 8.33m/s (30.00kmh)
Loop diameter: 1.83m 
Loop length: 5.749m
Laps completed after 24 hours of continuous running:124,738
Distance completed:717.12km
Result: Car decoder is in perfect condition and cool to the touch.
Testing to continue.

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Design reconfigured so wiring is a breeze.
Wires also will be soldered horizontally on top side of board to keep everything as flat as possible instead of thru hole.

Should make for a nice install indeed.

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