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Increasing forum members

If everything goes to plan with the printers, I'll be taking a large number of Slot Racer Online business cards (the design Jason posted earlier) at the UK Slot Car Festival this weekend.

I'll aim to get some round the Festival tracks and stands before doors open on Saturday morning and again on Sunday. If anyone can help with that, do let me know. Or if you'd like more than a few to dish out at the festival yourselves, PM me in advance. I'll hang on to the rest on the Slot Car Magazine stand if people want to take home a handful (or more) for their clubs, slot car businesses etc - do come and find me.

It's definitely a great opportunity to raise the profile of the new forum.
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Everything did go to plan with the printers - there’s 2,000 cards to get into slot car enthusiasts’ hands Thumbup
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Nice one Andy !
The Festival is too far away from me although I enjoyed a visit in 2014. I console myself by spending a lot on Slot Car stuff anyway !!

The cards are a great idea. Most peeps end up with a carrier bag so they can easily put a card in there with less chance of losing it. 


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The cards look fab! Rofl
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It was a collaborative effort - Doug's wonderful pic, Jason's design, Mr Modifier's timely reminder and excellent suggestion of business cards... Brian and me sorted the logistics, having vaguely chatted about it a while back. All I need to do now is remember to take them.
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Andy  Brian and Jason - they look fantastic - and thank you so much again!!
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Looking back 10 years to what brought me back into the hobby.

First it was getting the internet.

Then, whilst looking for any photos of the 1/1 cars I was involved with back in the 70s, the first photo I found was of the Pink Stamps Lotus 30/40, and it was a slot car and on SlotForum!

I then spent many hours trawling through the SlotForum archives, admiring, and being inspired by, all the wonderful tracks, scenery and cars on there. Those threads made up an archive of articles built up over the years, something a new forum, however good it is, can not immediately offer.

May I suggest that we all try to build up that archive by posting articles of our past builds as well as new ones. These posts, hopefully, can play their part in encouraging newcomers to the hobby in the same way that SF inspired me 10 years ago.

Regards, Lloyd
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Hello Lloyd,
I liked the fresh-start aspect here and thought that topics that mirrored the old place would not be good. However, you are right, SlotRacer needs content so that anyone Googling slot car stuff will end up here. 
I'm going to post lots of cars in "Slot Cars".


Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.
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Totally agreed. You'll have heard the phrase "content is king". Well it might sound corny, but it's true, and I'd also add "the more the merrier".

If we restrict ourselves to only posting things that have happened since we started this forum, then we're only covering a couple of months of a hobby that's been around for 60 years.

We'd definitely like to build up an archive here, so please share anything you've got, old or new.

Even if some of the grizzly old bears here have seen it before, it's nice to have a reminder, and it's also good for newcomers.
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