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Farrout Raceway

I really like seeing the process, it helps five confidence to have a crack at it.
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(29th-Jan-22, 09:32 AM)Tibbs Wrote:  I really like seeing the process, it helps five confidence to have a crack at it.

give not five, but I'm sure you realised that's what I was saying
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Last weekend I got around to working on the ground in the pit area. Was always meant to be poured dark concrete with the appropriate groves etc. Here is how I did it. 

1. Using knife cut the groves: two strokes using a straight edge in a V pattern
2. Use a black or dark wash to fill the groove
3. Wipe off excess but deliberately not too consistently. Leaves a lovely dirt pattern resembling dried pools fo water along edges of the depressions the groves sit in. 
4. Get a back massage because there is a lot of bending over involved
5. I just threw on the buildings and cars to give you a sense of scale. Certainly not near even a start on that stuff.












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Decided that it made no sense to have a stop line from the tunnel onto the main straight and then not have anything at the end where the straight runs into the mountains. So added a detail. 

Fun bit was that the road had a repair patch right where the Stop line had to go so had to respect that.

Threw in a new patch of concrete in the corner in a slightly different shade, patch team couldn’t get same ingredients as when they originally resurfaced the whole track


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I enjoyed the changes you made. The tiles look very realistic.

Maybe a tip for finishing your track surface:
How about a weathered effect with a thin layer of brown "dirty" paint?
I added it with a sponge on my Dutch Trio Track: post #27.

Hub  Thumbup
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Thanks Rallyhub, I will definitely be going down that route. I have to catch up to your 91K views!!
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Took some updated pictures of the water features on the track. Simple Resin and ModPodge over painted wood and a Little Rock features. I did water in infield but I used it as a story. The pond at the top is a spring, that some beavers made a dam on, which created a little waterfall, which made a stream along the top of the track, which lead to a big waterfall into the pool pond, which empties out under the road through a culvert into the gorge, and that gorge is why I needed a reason for the water to come from somewhere!  I might be obsessive.











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Nice work!

Makes me want to grab my canoe and explore the river.  Thumbup
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