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email notifications....turn off how?

I would like to change receiving notifications via email to a thread which I started or commented on when there is another post made by another member.....I have looked a couple of times but still cannot find an appropriate button to click on or off.

Can anyone help me with this please?

User CP > Subscribed Threads

Also at the bottom of a thread you have subscribed to is a button to click to unsubscribe.

As a default the system subscribes you to threads you start AND threads you reply to - I would have preferred it if you had to choose to subscribe - especially if you are simply replying to a thread.  There’s enough spam in the world without adding to it...

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool

You can change the default subscription method.

User CP > Edit Options > Default Thread Subscription Mode:
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Thanks Jason....I have hopefully been successful in changing the required settings.

Appreciate your help.

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