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People - painting, trackside & ideas

The past few years there have been cases where car manufacturers have tried to sure toy makers for making "likenesses" of their cars.
So far, the car makers have lost.
It seems as long as you don't say it Porsche the courts think no one will think it's a Porsche.

Maybe it is the same with the figures.... or you could modify them slightly ?

Hi DVD 3500 , thanks for the input , the guy doing this (Byron ) just as start wanted to mold them to see the viability of production ,in resin but mainly white metal . He has a centrafuge and he makes figures for wargaming and wanted to branch out a bit if slot car figures would sell ,he said he can modify them a bit  . Byron reckons he can cast them for pence and sell them quite cheaply . Perhaps a bit of market research would be in order 

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Hello Steve, 
Needless to say that reproducing these has been discussed before... and before that.  
Essentially it comes down to the selling price. If someone can sell the repros for 3 pounds each or 5 for 10 pounds that seems like they would sell, but at 5 pounds each then its better to wait for bargains on EBay. 
The prime market probably already have these figures so unlikely to buy.  The manufacturer needs to think about his market-place.

Several years ago now, the "Tarn Model Foundry" produced excellent new figures and there was quite a high demand for them. I have several TMF rally spectators and also some 1968 Italian Job figures that were produced as well. I think that the original creator gave up for personal reasons rather than any problems with the figures. About 3 years ago Bob Chapman (Canadian "Chappy") bought the moulds and stuff with the intention of putting the TMF figures back into production and the news was greeted warmly but as yet no sign of production starting.


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Hi Leo , it's a job for me to comment as I'm not actually involved in the production process , it's very low key so overheads will be low .. As long as copyright doesn't present a problem I think Byron can produce them cheaply   . Will speak to him later this week and get a ballpark figure 

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