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Lotus 23 wood carving

Ken, I think she is just not interested. She was hired as a model for the photo session. The intention was that she should lean over the car in daring poses.
However, the photographer, a serious professional, refused. ”No way,” he said, ”That is too vulgar! We will go for true realism! Bring on the rusty oil drums!”
Most likely she is bored.
(Maybe I should not have had that last beer) Beer

Back to the real world. The tiny motor I use obviously does not like to carry weight.
The bare chassis goes really quickly. With a naked body fast enough, but with 8g of detailing too slow...
I have hollowed out as much as I dare, thinned the bottom, and have cut away chassis material. At 44g it runs fine. Maybe I can come down to 40... Sun

Does anybody know of a stronger motor of the same size?

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I joined this forum awhile ago, but have not been active.  It is really nice to see some builders in action

I also carved and cast a Lotus 23 B.  This particular car was Thunderslotted so I could use a 130 type motor 


I built a couple of scale ones too
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(1st-Aug-22, 03:54 PM)Barc Wrote:  It is really nice to see some builders in action

There still are some of us... Sun 
Thanks for showing your cars, looking very good!
Is "Thunderslotted" the new word for a somewhat wide car? Bigsmile I have a caliper but no thunderslot car, so I can't check! Bigsmile

I have all the parts for one more car waiting (not Thunderslotted). This time I will try a little hotter micromotor.


Cheers, Carver
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I'm jealous of anyone who can carve a car body out of a cheap lump of wood and turn it into a raceable car.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Yes,I have  coined the phrase “Thunderslotted” to describe any car that has it width to length ratio tampered with.  If the dimensions in every direction are upscaled then the model remains pure and just a different scale. When only one dimensions is tinkered with ( width)  the cars just looked slammed. Maybe Thunderslammed is a better phrase?
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