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Triple Crown Builds

Really great job Kev  Thumbup

Anybody know of this ninco is eligible for class A? It seems to fit the bill but I'm not sure what NC'ness the motor is, it has technical specs and crusher+ on it. 
If eligible I'm tempted to run this as it has nice flat chassis, wide tyres, "normal" guide fitment as far as I can tell. It does have an interior, the windows are very dark but not opaque. There is a driver figure in there. Front axle is flopping around a lot though so have to see if I can do anything about that.

23.5k @ 14.8v is about 19k @ 12v.

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...

oh dear, not seen that one coming. 

But yes after some frantic searching it is rated as 19,054 rpm at 12 volts. This is above the ceiling I had in mind of 18,000 rpm for class A as in my original plan,
So sorry but I should keep the motors comparable with the standard Scalextric Mabuchi S-Bell, so I will amend the rules to exclude NC12 & NC6 (which is the same).

But apart from the motor if it has a driver and something resembling a moulded interior it would have been ok. 

 You can replace the motor with a NC5 or NC14 which will be acceptable.
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Ok thanks both, this is my only ninco car/part, I just thought I'd have a quick check as I haven't found a use for it yet and thought it looked quite nice chassis wise. I'll stick to my scaley vantage I think  Yes

Pendle have Scaleauto 18k long cans for a tenner that will go straight in: Scaleauto Long-Can Sprinter-Junior Motor 18,000rpm  Ref : SC-0027b

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...

Class A cars have to retain their respective brand motors, so Scalextric cars must use Scalextric motors, Ninco cars have to use Ninco motors etc.
It is not allowed to use alternative branded motors.

Ah, OK.

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...

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