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Pendle Slot

Pendle's have long been my supplier of choice, not necessarily the cheapest but customer service second to none.  I had a couple of pre-orders with them for a Slot.It Skyline and a Revoslot McLaren and got an email from Neil saying that the Skyline was ready with the McLaren due shortly and would I like to wait until they had both in stock and save double postage. I don't know any other firm that would even bother asking.

In the meantime I had been looking for a quantity of  Ninco off road obstacles which are long obsolete and like rocking horse poo. I had managed to find a set of them in Belgium which are on their way but asked Neil at Pendle's whether they had any still lying about in their warehouse. He replied that nothing was showing on the computer but he would have a search for some.

I heard no more but my two cars arrived yesterday and included in the parcel was a set of said obstacles completely free of charge!  Thumbup Thumbup
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Costumer service isn't an obstacle for Pendles! Thumbup
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I agree there customer service is brilliant, if i need any parts they are always my first choice.

(10th-Nov-21, 11:30 AM)rallyhub Wrote:  Costumer service isn't an obstacle for Pendles! Thumbup

 It should be "customer service". I will never learn proper English!Banghead
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Yes, I second Brian. I have been dealing with Pendle's since I started the hobby, always first class customer service  Thumbup

Pendle and TopSlots both provide superb service.

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...
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