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News "Triple Crown" Slot Car Proxy Series 2022

(10th-May-22, 10:50 AM)AdeC Wrote:  From a selfish point of view, I'd be keen to see an open classics class in there somewhere, ideally with a sub 55mm max rear track width to avoid the Porsche 914 dominance and allow the likes of Escorts, Alfa Giulia's, Fulvia's, Triumph's, Healey's and Mini's (if you're very brave) to compete

I thought actually we already have the Classic Classes of that type in the " American Road Race" and in the "Endurance & InterSeries" which excludes the Porsche 914/6 based on the era's, so to make this Proxy different and to ensure that the Porsche 914/6 has real competition I judged that putting all the similar "Pro cars" together in one class would be more appropriate this time around. As a matter of interest my SRC Porsche 914/6 has a rear wheel width of 54.6mm, so still qualifies for a Classic 55mm rear track Class as it does under the current "Classic Class Slot Rally UK" rules. I could probably even make it fit Kevan's 54mm width Classic Rally Class by changing the rear wheels or tyres  Bigsmile

One thing I could do of course is just to exclude the SRC Porsche 914/6, or NSR cars etc from competing (as some proxy's in fact are doing) but  I prefer to be inclusive but try to make them fit into a class which makes the outcome far from certain, as in the current American Road Race "Modern Trans Am & NASCARS Class D"
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(10th-May-22, 11:44 AM)Kevan Wrote:  One thing I would add, if bumpy track is to be used it would need stipulating as cars without suspension are soon off this stuff as it's made for Raid vehicles, it may put some people off.

Actually Ninco "Raid track" for example, is used as a stage in the current "Slot Rally UK" events (as I can testify ), in which some cars even without suspension were run, although not perhaps as smoothly as running cars fitted with suspension.

(10th-May-22, 08:32 AM)Mike174 Wrote:  For class B and C in the winter rally, is the motor based on the make body shell used or or can you upgrade the motor type?
For example: if I run a Scalextric shell with aftermarket chassis, am I stuck with using Scalextric s-can, or can I upgrade to any other make of s-can motor NSR etc?
Cheers Wrench

I think on reflection that I might change the "Modified " class to be either a standard or another of the same same brand or upgrade to a  Scaleauto Tech 1 type (20k rpm ) motor.  I don't want to give this class the same status as for open, but limiting an upgrade to the same Scaleauto motor (rpm) seems a good compromise.
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I am for driver only interiors.  914s to compete and not be excluded as the current leader probably will not perform well on “rally” tracks as it is built to serve a different purpose.

I've got nothing against the 914's competing in the currently proposed rally categories. Was just suggesting that if there was a classic specific class then they shouldn't be allowed into that as they are light years away from the proportions and capabilities of the rest of the class (not based on Courtney's rocket ship, but past rally events).

yes in fact as like last weekend's Rally at Wye Valley the SRC Porsche 914/6 was excellent and claimed 1st and 2nd place in the classic era class which was chosen. And because they are so good it attracts more of them, including mine there was 4 on Sunday. So for my Proxy events I now try to ensure that these cars are put into classes which allows for most competition, as in the current Modern Trans Am class in the American Road Race. 

What I would be interested to know is if the SRC Porsche 914/6 is actually anywhere near to scale or not. To me it looks flat and wider than I would expect the real car to be been. But anyway if you look at the NSR Clio /Fiat they are probably even more out of scale than the SRC Porsche, but I still enter them  Bigsmile
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Not all Rally cars are small rocket ships.......

...sadly the '61 Ford Starliner would be too wide even accurately scaled is 65mm wide

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Wavegreen Winter Rally Announcement!

I have decided that 4 events (5 if you count the Extreme Slotting) in 12 months is too much for the RoadRace Administrator Bigsmile , so the Rally proxy will become the Theme for next Years Road Race proxy " Rally Road Race" which I would plan to start at the beginning of 2023 as the first stage in next years "Triple Crown Series". All this of course depends on the continued support of our loyal band of hosts and entrants.

So I have scrapped my initial plan of the event as a stand alone Proxy, and will generate a new one based on the Road Race type format.
I am not really a follower of Rally's in general, so I have started doing some research into what the structure of the Road Race Rally could look like. For me it has to have 4 classes and to cover all the era's of the topic to fit the format. I have been surprised by my early research as to just how much the early Rally's were effectively Road Races. Again I will look to run the cars on a mixture of typical Rally and less challenging stages. 
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Sounds fair Graham, quality over quantity  Thumbup

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