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News "Triple Crown" Slot Car Proxy Series 2022

Wavegreen Having very much enjoyed running the "Brighton to John O'Groats Roadrace", "Extreme Slotting" and currently "Lights on! Le Mans Cars" Proxy series during this year, I have been encouraged to repeat these again in 2022. Additionally I canvassed opinion about doing a single seater/open wheel (GP/F1/Indy) Proxy series along the same lines as the others with both classic and modern class format, and I am encouraged to think there is enough interest in this topic too. Perhaps this one giving most issues in regard to how these classes should be organised.

My main aim with these Proxy events has been to make them accessible to all slot car enthusiasts, not making them too specialized, but generating opportunities for enthusiasts having Standard RTR cars, or those who enjoy modifying slot cars, along with amateur scratch builders to feel involved in a relatively light hearted competition. 
Also initially I was given the motivation for organising these events from a few individuals with sizable home track set ups who was interested to see them used in a competitive competition which they could become involved in. More recently I have also become aware of clubs whose members also wanting to give up some of their time  in order to participate in this form of slot car competition (as with the current Lights on! Le mans Cars Proxy)

So my aim next year is to offer much the same kind of Proxy format, but hopefully still with Individuals and club hosting stages, as I think this gives a good mixture of different track types and challenges which add a high degree of unpredictability to the Proxy series.

Obviously circumstances have changed and generally speaking it seems that with work pressures and club commitments, it is not possible to run these series with the higher number of participants and number of cars to prepare as during the earlier part of this year. So next year I will restrict the number of cars per entry and the total number of cars per class for each Proxy event.

The term"Triple Crown" has been used in may Sports of course, and in Motorsport in various forms. In regard to F1 drivers it is regarded as an unofficial term to describe drivers who competed at Indianapolis 500, Monaco GP, and Le Mans. Only Graham Hill has the honour of winning all 3 events, although there are others (more recently Alfonso) who have entered them. However in our slot car version our 3 disciplines will be described as below.

The intention is to run 3 proxy series under the "Triple Crown" umbrella next year;
Spring - American Trophy-Road Race Championship
Summer- Single seater/open wheels Championship
Autumn - Le Mans Cars Championship

And I will be posting on this thread the format and rules for each Series as we progress. 
The "Extreme Slotting" Proxy will be run around mid year but will be kept separate from the "Triple Crown" concept due to its different format.
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Wavegreen Good Morning

 General information regarding the format of the 3 Proxy series 2022

Each series will include 4 classes, a mixture of modern and historic based on the event theme. 
Any entrant will be able to submit up to 2 cars only for each series, and offer a preferred and secondary car choice for Class entries. The idea here is to allow the maximum number of entrants (ie up to 40 if only one car per entrant) but also to be able to equally fill each class of the series (ie 10 cars per class). 
There will be a series  winner for each of the 4 classes and an event winner based on the best performing Team car including concourse points from any of the 4 classes over the series.

Each Event Stage (hosting) will be run individually by each host in order to determine the best performance of each entrants car, and the results will be posted as previously by the individual or club involved. It is hoped that each Proxy series will have at least 6 host/clubs involved, ideally more as I would like to extend each series to 8-9 weeks duration (instead of the current 6 weeks). This will depend on the number of willing hosting opportunities. It is likely that different hosts will be available or willing to participate in each or all of the 3 series.

The series results will be then posted by myself (RoadRace Administrator) by awarding points to the positions attained by each host for their cars at each stage, in order to determine the final series class winners. Additionally points will be  awarded at the end of each series in respect to the Concourse vote which will be open to all the entrants participating who can vote for the "Best Presented" cars in each of the classes they had entered (but of course not for their own cars). These points will be added to the entrants Stage points score at the end of the series in order to determine the winners and runners up of the Event Trophy.

There will be a Trophy presented after the end of the final series (Le Mans cars) for the "Triple Crown" award based on the combined results from the 3 separate Proxy series (including concourse points)
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Are you accepting requests for possible additional venues? I'll put this to our club members here in the Isle of Man, we have a 3 lane wood track and a single lane wood track based on the IoM TT grandstand and nearby area.
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Hi Kevan,
that sounds like a very intriguing opportunity, but I would need to check to see how the postal costs for sending 40 cars there will work out, can you send me a pm with a postal address I can check with DHL please ?

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Yes Folks, it's time to think about tuning up your Cadillac, feeding the Mustang, or just take a cruise along the Route 66  Cool

Details to follow..........
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Judging on past experiences I will be the one just cruising along towards the back!  Thumbup Wrench

Wavegreen Good Morning

Below is a Overview Plan of the American Trophy -Road Race Classes, each class will be introduced in the next few days with the specific associated Class rules and Car lists where applicable.


Attached Files
.pdf American Trophy Road Race 2022.pdf Size: 16.57 KB  Downloads: 50
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Class B is a definite, I'll wait to see the rules & lists before I decide on the other class
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Yeah, Class B would be my choice also...I'm thinking '58 T'bird Sport Coupe

Hi Kevan,
sorry to say that the Thunderbird which I don't have listed as entered a National Road Race was raced as a NASCAR in 1960 so would need to go in with those Class C cars. I am going to avoid any duplication of cars across Classes (ie they have to fit one or the other, but not both).

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