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Ron Trackside 3D Printed Figures

Before I could continue with the  painting, I first had to repair a broken cable from the sound engineer's microphone.
A small piece of telephone wire was glued in place with superglue.

The repaired cable.                                                                                                                          The painting so far.

I always use Revell and Humbrol enamel paint for my figures.
It is easy to thin with white spirit. I use this to create a blue jeans look.

The adding of some grey paint followed by brushing with white spirit.                   The result.

The adding of some white paint...                                                                                             ...followed by brushing with white spirit to get that blue jeans effect.
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Yesterday I started painting green on a few figures.
I also used white and/or yellow to mix it with the basic green paint.
In this way I got a different shade of green for each figure.
There are still many imperfections that I need to correct.

Different shades of green.
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These Ron Trackside figures are really looking great!
Doesn't the paint take a long time to dry? It looks like 9 below zero... Bigsmile

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(31st-Jan-22, 07:28 PM)Carver Wrote:  Doesn't the paint take a long time to dry?  It looks like 9 below zero... Bigsmile

You are right, I should have taken the Dakar Track! Banghead   Bigsmile

Most of the garments are now painted. What follows is the time-consuming detailing of the smaller parts.
That often means one step backwards followed by two forwards.

The detailing has begun. Still many imperfections.                                                          The painting so far.
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Thank you for sharing your progress with my figures, loving seeing the figures develop. 

I've been really busy with work last couple of days and one of my members on FB posted your progress. 

I am obliged to you. 

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I just wish I could get a response posted properly!  poor grammar and two photos! (I'm working on it!)

Ron Tappingfoot
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Hello Hub,

The <Like> response doesn't really do your work justice, I think <Astonishing> would be more appropriate.


Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.

Not too much honour, please, I only want to show you how I try to paint these excellent figures.

Hub Thumbup

Still detailing.
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Hi Hub,

What high Vis green paint is that? I've tried a couple of colours in an attempt to get that look on the tabards, but its not really come out very well with the paints I've used. 


This must be the one you need:
Mine was bought years ago.

Obviously Revell changed the lid from yellow to tin-coloured.
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