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Ron Trackside 3D Printed Figures

Hi Hub
What sort of primer did you use? And did you brush it on?
Many thanks

Hi Rich,

I applied a regular turpentine based paint with a brush.
Maybe just degreasing with white spirit is also sufficient, but a layer of diluted primer is certainly better for the adhesion of the enamel paint.

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The painting of the figures is almost ready now.
Here are two pictures of how the eyes were made by using a pin.
Just a few small details to do.

Hub Thumbup

The white base of the eyes.                                                                                                          Followed by the irises of the eyes.
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The painting of Ron Trackside Figures is ready now.
The excellent 3D figures of Ron really bring a track to live.
Here are a few pictures of the result:

Hub Thumbup

The tv-crews, photographers and marchalls in action.

                                                                                                                                                                  Combined with a few MRRC figures.
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They look great! Thumbup
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Fantastic Hub,

Great job, thank you for sharing and showing the process. 

I will share on my FB group as well. 

Really pleased to know they will now live on one of your circuits. 

Ron Coolphotos
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Just received my first 2 sets of figures from Ron,I must say the detail is incredible and the poses interesting and differing from the run of the mill .Painting will be a challenge and doing these figures justice will be difficult .I've ordered another set and I'm sure I will be buying many more .Included is a photo of the 2 sets one painted and one in primer On the background is their eventual home


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Thanks for your positive feed back Steve, Much appreciated. Your painting skills are excellent.


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