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What cars have you built and latest bodies from 3DP

(19th-Oct-23, 11:08 AM)Anthony B Wrote:  My ongoing builds of the latest Le Mans Hypercars - to say the porsche has been difficult is an understatement.

Are these the resin prints you were waiting for from the August post?
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Yup - to say the builds are progressing slowly is an understatement - my building 'desire' is at a low ebb at the moment.

Having said that - the WEC Ferrari is virtually complete - just finishing off the driver - will post shortly :)

PS for me - my Porsche is a disaster. Sun
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The completed Ferrari

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LeMonstre lives.   3D chassis and an 18k AW with narrow 7mm tires.



And my entry into our small sedan class


Hopefully a Flat6 will be competitive with the Revoslots.
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Nice build

Back in SA we used to call the 510 the 1600sss Sun  = like that little car

Get the black flat 6 RS 25k = has some punch
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Alfa Romeo GTam,2 cars ,
the red one is a fantasy livery,the white one replicates the car originally owned and raced  by the late Pericles Fotiades and  later ,by the late George Moscous (photo at Tatoi hairpin).It was one of six only produced to USA standards.     For those with deep pockets it is listed for sale, fully restored.


Both cars are fitted with podded chassis featuring specially designed and printed motor craddles which provide room for 12mm wide rear tyres 
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I've got deep pockets... they'd be less deep if they were full of money  Bigsmile

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Alexis, once again you do very nice work squeezing those wide tires under a narrow car.
They look good!

Morris Minor

Suggested to a fellow club member that he needed a slot car Moggy to match his 1:1 car. Some trawling and found a file on the Internet of the Moggy.

The requirement was to get it to fit on a BRM 1/24 Mini chassis so some fiddling in CAD to reduce the overall length and hence the wheelbase to match the Mini by rescaling. Width was left at scale, but some arches added to cover the Mini track.

Usual issues with the file having mesh problems restricting editing but managed to use the slicer program to cut off the rear so as to have a flat plane to stand the shell on the printer bed vertically. Added 4 posts as per the BRM Mini shell and ready to print.

Shown below sitting on a Mini chassis, ready for sanding & paint.



Mr Fit for Function.
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