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What cars have you built and latest bodies from 3DP

Isuzu Bellett R6
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(3rd-Nov-23, 04:11 AM)Phil Kalbfell Wrote:  Isuzu Bellett R6

Yup.  A cute 4cylinder in the U2 range.

And the pair of Mirage M6 coupes in Test Day livery.

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eventually finished the Maseratti Tipo  , that i originally intended to use in Chappymans 3dp proxy 
decided against using it because a few others intended to run them , so i went for my oversized ( illegal ) type-D instead , only to find out the other Tipo's didnt make it  Tappingfoot

this now has a brass chassis and PCS spoked wheels , helmet is wrong , but was the only style i had handy , would be an easy change though 

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Kev, that looks nice.   Bet it runs well on the brass, too. The helmet is fine if you are running a modern vintage meeting.....

An old print, but finally got the (badly masked) paint and decals on it.


NASCAR Trucks.

Back in posts #129, 132 & 141 I showed the NASCAR trucks shells in various uncompleted states, now below is a series of pics of the three truck variants completed, taken at Falcon Raceways (Essex Digital club) by Lee who built up the kits, painted and created the decals. These trucks will form the new club class for 2024 at Falcon Raceways.





Cheers John.

Mr Fit for Function.
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Awesome looking Trucks John   Thumbup

I would be really keen to purchase 4 of theses for a club class,  so cool and different.

Thanks for posting,


Isuzu R6, file from 3DExport.


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Early beginings for my foray into 3d printing....

They might not look much to the experienced designer, but I was very chuffed to see these Goodwood Chicane barriers coming out of my printer.
I will be busy searching for more scenery elements to print and add I am sure :-)

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