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What cars have you built and latest bodies from 3DP

Winter project.

Long wheel base Tuc Tuc Taxi, SW pod, printed shell in 2 halves, wheels & front tyre (TPU) with guide mounted behind the front wheel inside the tub. 

Thinking from my own experience in India  that it needs a crate of chickens, 2 goats and @2-10 passengers depending on the district. 



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Interesting to say the least...especially where the front tyre is going to go

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers


Front tyre is 8mm wide and radiused plus by careful setting of the guide height with braid the wheel is just touching if you push the front down against the braid so no problems on jamming in the slot. The prototype is now in bits awaiting modified parts, so no pics yet but running the mark 1 around Carrera track the only issue is the obvious one of a very high C of G causing toppling on sharp radii corners so will add weight to stabilise on the next iteration. 


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