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Lap Timer 2000 software

A bit of advice please?
Is anyone still using the ‘Lap Timer 2000’ software by Gregory Braun?[url=][/url]
I appreciate the software is no longer supported as the poor chap is no longer with us.
I don’t have it hooked up to a track yet, but am doing some basic testing in 64-bit Windows 10 but there seem to be a few glitches? Assuming it’s Win-10 incompatibilities?
Any ideas what the ‘Track Call’ feature is for & what does it do?
Thanks in advance!

I used LapTimer 10-15 years ago and it was what we used at our club for about a year before we could splash out on the Trackmate system.

Yes there were a few glitches, but nothing that impacted too much on the core features of running a race. I think it was developed for Windows 98 and we ran it on XP - Windows 10 might be a step too far!

The track call feature pauses the race - cutting the track power if you have relays linked to the computer.

If you are aiming to hook it up to the track, you’ll also be able to use Race Coordinator - which is supported, runs perfectly on W10 and is free - although if you like it, a donation to the developer’s charity is the right and proper thing to do.
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I still use it on my track occasionally but it is very basic and won't work properly on Windows 10. As Andy says, Race Coordinator is far superior although it does need a lot of set up input.
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Thanks to both of you for your replies, I will have a look at ‘Race Coordinator’ I think.
Assuming the connections still run from a ‘parallel port’ in a similar way, I’ve already soldered up a 25 way ‘D-Plug’ to suit the old program?

Yes it will run happily from a parallel port and I use that on my ancient laptop. As the port is long obsolete future versions of RC may well discontinue it so be careful if you update it an any time and check whether it still does. The current version is OK in that regard.

Arduino control is the way to go in the future as it offers a lot more functions but that is a whole different can of worms.

If you have any questions/problems with initial set up then feel free to ask, there are several resident experts in the system on here.
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Thanks again

Do you have a connection diagram for the 25-pin parallel lead (i.e. which pins are connected to the lane sensors, tack power relay, track call etc).
I have soldered one up to suit the lap timer 200 software, but when I look at the track set-up connections for the Race coordinator software, the terminology on the pin functions seems different?

Thanks, Steve.

There are two set-ups that Greg included on his site (archived here). I am 99% sure the Trackmate-compatible one will work with Race Coordinator...


However, I haven't tested RC with a parallel (printer) port - I use it via the Trackmate module.

A bit further down the page on Greg's site is this diagram for using an old-fashioned solid-state relay...


Those pins should work with a modern day relay module like this one...


However... I do think an arduino board is probably a more reliable option and not too complicated, as I explain here:

I have both RC and Laptimer on the same laptop connected to the parallel port with the same lead and both work fine so I assume the wiring is the same for both. Mind you I don't use relays or track call buttons etc so that may differ. No wiring diagram though as a friend made the lead up for me over 10 years ago.

The track configuration section of RC is a live feed so it is easy enough to check if everything is OK.
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Thanks Woodcote

I am not seeing the PDF instructions for connecting the track sensors. is it buried within the program download (which download version)?

I'll probably go with the  Arduino board, I'm only running 2 lanes, so 1 will suffice.

I'm bound to have more questions Thumbup

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Thanks CMOTD

It's early days for me, so bound to have more questions Thumbup


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