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News Bury St Edmunds Slot Car Club

September 28th meeting

He said everything was working!
It is, really! Look.
Class 1 Karts complete.
At last, the DS boxes, Race Coordinator, the big monitor AND the sound, all working in harmony!
Class 2 - NASCAR/American Muscle - but hang on. What's that ticking?
The Monitor's internal speakers are unplugged and the ticking stops. Drivers concentrate on the start. Will everything still work?
Yes, we still have sound through the external speakers. Thumbup  
Must have been sort sort of conflict as the sound is actually BETTER without the monitor's speakers too.  Yes 
Class 3 - Club GT's, provided some sensationally close finishes.
In the 2 car shot the Jagermeister Capri takes the place by a short nose.
In the 3 car shot, the Beemer's tailout slide just blocked a last second pass by the Jagermeister car this time. They really were that close.
They think it's all over .... well it is now - and the puzzled/amused looks? Apart from the odd ticking noise, a great nights racing, free of technical gremlins at last. Thumbup

NEXT MEETING: October 20th (5pm to whenever.) 
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Racing this Sunday - Oct 20th. 5 - 10:30pm.

1) Owner/driver Lighted cars

2) Club Scalextric sidecar combo's


3) Owner/driver Saloon/DTM cars


Location in first post. See you there?
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October 20th meeting 

45 minutes after arriving we've gone from a bare room to this. Almost ready to start.


In fact there was even time to browse through a small library of old slot car magazines.


No time to waste though, as Bill sets us up for the first heat.


A broad spectrum of cars entered the 'Lighted' class. The sixth car, still to turn up, was a GT40. 


And they're ready for the off.


The end of a later heat and 'Lighted' really was a broad brush, with a Chaparral in the foreground.


Four minute heats for the Lighted cars were reduced to two minutes thirty for the Sidecar combo's. 


Different bikes had different cornering attitudes, one cornering flat and fast everywhere, one being unpredictable and the other two lifting a wheel or bobbing a curtsey depending on where they were on the track. Great fun!


They provided some very close racing too!


Couldn't let this one slip by. My only win in twenty-four heats, thanks to the Gulf bike. Somehow the pic' of me coming last in the very last heat of the night got deleted by mistake! (Come to that, I think it was my only win in six meetings, or 144 heats. Still, I'm improving  Thumbup )


... and there is that glorious Gulf machine.


Another broad brush, 'Saloons'. DTM, NASCAR, BTCC, historic circuit racers, they were all in there. Shedden's BTCC Honda proved the one to beat.


Eyes right! Loved this shot. What are they all looking at? Certainly not the sixth car, as it's in David's hand, nor the start line, which is right in front of them.


At the end of the heat all six cars are still in shot, with the Shedden Honda first and the Alfa, nearest the camera, second judging by the screen. 


... and now we see 'George (Shaun Bennett) Shedden' scooping up the winner of the heat.


NEXT MEETING: November 9th (5pm to whenever.) 
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Classes for Nov 9th:

1 - Club Rally cars
2 - Owner/driver Rally cars
3 - Club Gp5 Racer Sideways

All classes are magless and are run 'segmented'. I.E. all scores count and are totalled to give the overall winner.
[Image: post-17292-0-59708100-1572973338.jpg]
Body style is the headline but each class is better defined by the chassis config. and motor rpms.
Rally - MSC 4wd Metros seem to do well but all sorts turn up on the grid. (N.B. Max. revs 21k now)
Saloon - a bit of a blurred line with BTCC, NASCAR, Rally and others all taking to the track.
Sports/GT/Le Mans/Gp5 is their 'anything goes' modified class. Racer Sideways and Scaleauto do well - but again, all sorts get run. 
NASCAR tends to be NASCAR/American Muscle.
Club 'cars' stay on the lane and drivers rotate until they've driven all lanes.
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