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Swedish Rally Track

Very nice work rallyhub. And unlike anything we see here in the states.  Thumbup Thumbup

Hi Steve,

Thank you for liking.
Yet there are also many beautiful scenic tracks in America, but rally driving is not so popular.
I guess, that will be the reason why scenic rally tracks are not common in the US.

Just for fun two photos of the track at night:

rallyhub Thumbup

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Was your track featured in Car-Online magazine a few years ago?  It is a German publication and I remember seeing a gorgeous rally track with snow.

Yes, it was featured in the Car-On-Line some years ago and even on the cover of one issue.
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I thought that was it!  And yes, the cover is awesome!

I have a few years of the magazine as my resins were in it a few times as well.

It was a great article!
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For people who have not seen the cover photo of the Car-On-Line in 2012:

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Great magazine as well!  I just can't read German as well as I used to.

Hub's layouts have been featured in media several times, a great advert for the hobby/sport. Thumbup


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Seriously wow!!!  Cant beat a rally hub track for detail, drama and quality!! I'd love to do some laps on all your tracks!!

After more than 11 years it was time for a cleaning of the Swedish Rally track.
Dust and especially MDF sawdust had contaminated the snowy surface.
First I removed almost all the trees, shrubs, figures and buildings and vacuumed the entire track.
Then followed a coat of white wall paint and some Noch SN140 Soft Flake (95790 Modellschnee), mixed with Heki Snow effect glitters no. 3343.
Both were sprinkled on the still wet wall paint.
Once dry, the entire track was vacuumed.
Now the buildings, trees, shrubs and figures have been placed back.

rallyhub Thumbup

White wall paint, Noch soft flakes and Heki snow effect glitters.                                 White wall paint has been applied to the right for the rear wall.

On the left a new layer of "fresh snow".                                                                        The track is ready for use again
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