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Are all Carrera analogue cars the same?

Hi All,
May seem a silly question but I have purchased quite a few Carrera analogue cars recently and I would like to know if they are all made with the same motor?
My boys have different tastes so would be good if they did so they can race each other.

No they don’t.  I am not sure how many but I am aware of 2 different motors.  The current motor has E200 stamped on it.  The older version does not and I believe the older one is slightly more powerful.

Replacement Carrera motors are expensive.  Motors have wide manufacturing tolerances so seemingly identical cars can vary by 10% quite easily.  If you can solder then you can swap motors around to try to balance out performance between your boys’ favourites.

Pendles do a good range of cheap motors - just make sure the drive shaft is coming out of the correct end because those S Can motors can come in can drive (metal end) and bell drive (plastic end) configurations but if you are going to have to solder to fit new motors you may as well try the swapping-around option.
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ah ok, thanks for the clarification. Had a feeling it was never going to be that simple so further investigation needed...
Now where’s my screwdriver! 


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