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Lotus 98T

The Lotus 98T was aF1 car designed by Gerard Ducarouge and Martin Ogilvie and built by Team Lotus for use in the 1986 F1 Championship. Development of the previous year's  97 T, the car was raced by Brazilian Ayrton Senna, in his second year with the team, and Scottish newcomerJohnny Dumfries.

It is claimed that the Renault EF15B in its pinnacle increment was claimed to produce in excess of 1000 HP at unrestricted boost pressure, thus making it one of the most powerful engines ever used in Formula 1 history.

This was, however, during qualifying, where teams used unrestricted boost pressures for maximum power output, and for very quick lap times. These unrestricted engines were very unreliable, and would only last about a couple of clean laps. Therefore, the 98T produced around 900 HP in race trim. The 98T was also the final Lotus powered by a Renault engine, as Lotus switched to Honda for the following year/season.


Other notable innovations of the 98T included a two-stage ride height adjustment, water injection through the intercoolers, an early form of barge board (also present on the 97T), and an advanced (for the time) fuel consumption microcomputer. 

The model is based on the Scalextric Lotus 98T. Which in truth is very toylike.


An incredible amount of work has been done on the Front suspension, brake duct coolers, driver, roll bars, rear view mirrors, driver, rear wing and decalling.
Another car from my friend in Chech Rep.


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Great workmanship on both Lotus’s

Do you have anymore examples of your friend in the Czech Republic’s work?

'I think I may be a collector?!?!'

2 more that I have ;)



Both are Classic fibreglass - and you know how much work must be done to get them looking like this - honestly beyond my capability!!
PS they both have their own threads ;)
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I picked up another converted Scalextric Lotus - this time the Camel version. My poor pics do not do this car any justice!!



While not my normal collecting theme - I just love these cars!!
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