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PCS Ford Escort Mk3 RS Turbo S1 - 1:32 scale slot car kit


PCS-B019 Ford Escort Mk3 RS Turbo S1 - 1/32 scale slot car kit. RRP £40. Available September 2021 from Pendle Slot Racing here.

There is a big Mk3-Escort-sized hole in the slot car world. Yes, Scalextric produced a less-than-satisfactory XR3 in the 80s, but there's nothing that would sit comfortably alongside the modern SCX Mk2 and 5th generation Cosworth, the Scalextric Mk1 and 2 or the Teamslot Mk2 RS2000, X-Pack and Zakspeed. Pendle Slot Racing have just announced a new model for their range of 1:32 scale kits - and they've gone in with the ultimate Mk3... the RS Turbo S1.


The RS Turbo (Series One) - to give its proper name - is the Escort we all wanted as teenagers in the mid-80s. The hefty £9250 price tag (plus £450 for the Custom Pack) was one thing, getting insurance cover was another... But we could dream. It was Ford's first turbocharged production Escort and built for Group A motorsport homologation. Between the end of 1984 and through 1985, 8,604 were produced. Although essentially a souped-up XR3i, the RS Turbo has a low compression 1.6-litre CVH engine with a Garrett T3 turbo - giving 132bhp and 0-60 in 8.3 seconds. Exceptional handling was delivered by a limited-slip diff, RS1600i-type front suspension and 15-inch seven spoke alloys.


Fitted with a colour-keyed body kit, the RS Turbos were painted Diamond White, except for two black examples. Most boasted the Custom Pack - sunroof, central locking, electric windows and pop-out rear quarter panels. It looks like these options are not available on the PCS kit.


Despite Ford's best efforts, the RS Turbo never quite made it as an effective Group A motorsport package - almost always outclassed by the mighty Rover V8 SD1. One significant weakness was the transmission. As a front-wheel-drive car, one of the biggest challenges back in the 80s was how to harness the 132bhp without it being spun away. Another issue was an awkward gear-selector, causing a significant number of gearbox and engine failures during competition. Most famously driven by Mark Lovell in the British Open Rally Championship, Ford's motorsport division worked closely with Lovell to raise the RS Turbo from an also-ran on debut in 1984 to a car that could challenge for podium places two years later. You can see Lovell's RS Turbo in action on this review of the 1985 Manx Rally...

The car certainly began to show some potential in 1986, but that was washed away with the promotion of Group A to the WRC premier category in 1987. The RS Turbo (Series One) does remain the ultimate Mk3 Escort and is much sought after by fast Ford fans  today...

The PCS Escort RS Turbo S1 body kit includes...
  • Unpainted 1/32 lightweight precision resin body
  • Front and rear bumper resin
  • Rear spoiler resin
  • Mirrors resin
  • Front grille resin
  • Headlamp unit resin
  • PCS spotlamp lenses
  • Lexan windscreen
  • Lexan interior
  • Driver resin figure
  • Chassis mounting bracket rear
  • Decal sheet


An additional £30 gives you all the components to build a working slot car...

  • PCS 32 chassis
  • PCS 15" Alloy Wheels (PCS-3215138)
  • Wheel inserts and spacers
  • Tyres
  • Gear and Pinion
  • PSR Mabuchi Motor 20,000rpm (PSR-AC4)
  • Bearings
  • Axles
  • Guide
  • Motor wire
  • Screws
If you're looking at a potential slot rally car, these dimensions might help...
  • Bodyshell weight:18g
  • Body wheelbase: 75mm
  • Body length: 125mm
  • Body width: 52mm
The kit is available for pre-order now on the Pendle Slot Racing website:

You can read Sean's blog post about the PCS Escort RS Turbo project here:
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Great report of a beautiful made slot car kit.
I hope they will do a competition version next. There is enough to chose from.
Swede Stig Andervang drove the Escort Turbo to a disappointing sixth place in the 1985 Dutch Rally Championship due to mechanical failures.
(Only five of six counting results). 

Hub Thumbup
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I actually stumbled across the blog whilst browsing Pendle's site earlier.
They have done a great job on this, and having owned its lesser sibling XR3i in my younger years, it struck a chord with me.

If the decal sheet had one set of the fading stripes blue, and the correct reg no. You could make a nice pair. One as Lady Diana's Black special (or one of the two decoys) and one as the Stock white.

As I prefer racing liveries, I already worked out 2 touring car liveries, one real, one fantasy, that I could do... 
But It would work out a pricey option at around £80 per car for me to build it how I wanted, that's without paint and decals. Making a pair would not be cheap  Sweating

But what a cracker it is ... I am so tempted, must resist.
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