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Someone gave me this recently

He knows I am quite partial to the old Airfix/MRRC Mini.
Question is, who/what was "Team Hack"

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Sadly I dont have the specific answer you need - I knew a STephen Hack - so it is either a surname or acronym for the team.

I must say I agree with you and have been collecting quite a few of the old airfix cars. Some of Barry Boors cars and others - just 'normals'.

Like the patina of your find!!
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Just the saloon cars, particularly the Minis (I must have about 20), the early F1s are not my favorite type of car.
It seems Airfix minis were often used as a basis for all sort of interesting scratchbuilt chassis, FWD, 4WD, etc...
I'll post pictures one day.

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Possibly in the sense of being a "hack" as in being uncouth or rough around the edges?

I think uncouth is the clue, but a man far ahead of his time (watch BBC3). Here are a couple of pictures showing the stuff written on the roof.


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The thing about this Mini that impresses me most is that it still has the boot lid handle.  No doubt a psychiatrist would find the text interesting.


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