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Belgian Kyalami - my Revell Track build

Progress .... is slow but ongoing


My favourite photograph so far is the last one in this batch - brings back memories of sitting at Leewkop to watch the racing....
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I had a slow down through Summer - but have started woking on the track and cars again.

Been in touch with Tom of  Toms Tamiya Garage quite a bit recently as he makes some wonderful cars. But I noticed on his track some fantastic trees - Pine tree type. And Asked him to make me some - which he agreed to do.

Some before pics:


This is what I picked up on sunday:


I have now added most of them - like the way they look and while Kyalami did not have trees on the infield - they were mainly centered up at Leeuwkop corner - this is my nod at the 'Belgian' part of the track (ala Spa type feel) - and anyhow   - I like them Cool Bigsmile 

I still have about 15 to add but will race and work on the track before I finalise the the installation


How to make trees part 1

How to make trees part 2

The videos are worth watching - they really are good!!!
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SO it is a year since I posted any pictures on my track.

All the wonderful trees made by Toms Toyota Garage are now installed and with some new cars I thought I would update some pics

Firstly a diagram of what the track was in the 60s-70s to refer to when comparing my modest copy.


Overview of the track       

Crowthorne corner at end of main stright at the bottom moving round to Barbeque Corner where Peter Revson sadly died.

Overview 2:                

From the Esses we com up to highest poin of track - Leeuwkop corned. which continues to main straght including the kink

Pics from around the track -


Hope you like it Sun
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Wow Anthony,
the track really has come to life, you must be rapt with how it's looking.  Thumbup
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