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Belgian Kyalami - my Revell Track build

I started a track about 2 years ago, but then retirement came along and I thought we would downsize , so track was packed away, and wood used elsewhere.

Plans changed as I was offered a job I could not refuse, so we are staying on.

I have a good friend coming round to help with the framework and base Then te real issue begins - track design,

I will be using 60's Revell track WITH borders. I have a space of 4 meters by 1.8 meters.

Any and all suggestions/designs welcome. I do not want coiled snakes type track. I would like to do some scenery. Cool
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Jason's Kyalami design would fit that space perfectly and should be easily adapted to Revell track. Plus you can use all your photos of the circuit to get the scenics spot on.
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Hmmmmm - good Idea Andy!!
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Yeah, I think that Andy has very much "nailed it" there !!


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Wood is here and now cut to size and the frame is starting. 


It begins….. between the rain showers as I have to to the base frame set up on the driveway.
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It's a start. About time you had a proper track at home.

I've already started building an extension to mine to I can expand when we decide where it's going. It gets addictive when you start again.

Keep the pics coming.
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Watching recent World Wide Slot Chats, there is a guy on there who is putting together some Revell tracks, and everytime he shows his progress, all the old guard swoon at the beauty of the Revell track pieces!

I love puttering with gears
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Hmm it seems a bit….. large 


And it seems …. On the roof ?

And yet if you click on it - shows it the right way up - dang I am a techno idiot
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