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Am I a Collector?

Instinctively, I would say I'm not a collector. 
Each and every car is aggressively bashed around the track in club racing. 
I have  a racing pair for each club's class of racing because the rules rarely align and even when  they do, tuning differs for different track surfaces. 
The only car I own  that has not been raced is a shelf queen in name only until the clubs open again. (Sideways Celica)

However, I've only every deemed one single car irrecoverably damaged 
An NSR orange mosler that after several major incidents and several repaints became more of a project to fix that I wanted to take on.
Split chassis, broken body posts, front end of the body badly splintered.

So , with an ever growing list of clubs and types of racing , I have to admit that my racing stable is becoming a collection.
, albeit a near worthless one  Bigsmile

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I am not a collector.

I just have a raising amount of cars waiting to be driven and sometimes they change owners before that happens  Bigsmile
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(31st-Dec-20, 10:28 PM)Fast Co. Wrote:  So... Enjoy!


Steve, I agree with you for 100%. Whatever you do, enjoying the slot car hobby is what really counts.

I didn't start out as a collector, but became one automatically when I bought more and more rally cars that appealed to me.
I also bought limited editions, but only those cars that I liked and that were reasonably priced.
Collecting the history of rallying on my slot track was my goal,with cars that I liked, knowing it would never be complete, but that is no problem. 
Every slot car has been driven on my track(s). 

But for me the slot car hobby became even more by creating my own wooden scenic rally tracks, which is really a lot of fun.
Visiting swapmeetings with friends in the Netherlands, Germany and later in the UK became also a very enjoyable part of the hobby.
Writing about slot rally cars and my scenic rally tracks is also one of my favourit activities I like.

As you can see our hobby can be very comprehensive with lots of enjoyable aspects for everyone.

rallyhub Thumbup
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I'm definitely not a collector, no way.

I have no idea how that group of cars got there, honestly. But there is no way they are a collection.
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Thumbup Bigsmile Rofl Tease

LOL Jason - I am the same whenever my wife asks me about my addiction - I mean hobby!!!

@Steve - pleaseeee post some pic's - would love to see your cars, track, work etc  Thumbup Wavegreen

I have dozens of slot cars but I don't have any that I bought to keep on a shelf. My modern ones were either bought to race or as comparatively cheap "projects" for scratchbuilds.
My vintage cars are mainly well used examples which I bought to tidy up for vintage racing or built from vintage parts. I tend to leave the mint or near mint vintage cars to those who collect shelf queens because I would be reluctant to damage mint models in race accidents and also because I feel they should be preserved in nice condition for the future.

In a way I suppose I am a collector but not in the same way as I was when I collected 1/43 diecasts and metal/resin kits ion the 80's/early 90's.
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@ Anthony B...

Anthony, here are some photos of the bulk of my collection. Not shown are cars in boxes too awkward to display on my insufficient shelves - cars in 2 and 3 car sets, aluminum tins, clam-shell packaging, etc...

First, the shelf queens...



Next, the runners and racers (and my workbench)...


A photo of my track, Woodland Trace Raceway...


Here's a link to the "club" I belong to. Not really a club, just eight guys who meet regularly to race. Between us, we have seven tracks in close proximity.

I haven't scratch-built many slot cars, more of a plastic chassis RTR tuner, really, but I have done a few repaints and upgraded several cars with printed chassis'. I'll post those under a separate thread. I don't want to hi-jack this one.

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Super collection, Steve. You must have bought the whole store at some point?  Bigsmile
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From the sublime to the ridiculous...

We have been clearing out a lot of stuff as one of our daughters is buying a house. And my wonderful wife has just created this for me...

...a shelf for my cars!

In order to have a collection, you need somewhere to put it. 

It's a start.

I love puttering with gears
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