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My builds

I tend to have a wide range of vintage 'loves'. As you will all know I love Ferrari (not the current F1 team mind you) but I do love lots of other cars from the sixties including Can Am.  I will keep my builds of Can AM cars on another thread, but i think I want to keep my builds in one place. I do tend to share a lot of photos on FB but they 'disappear' quickly, and for sure the forum is the place to hold and keep my builds in one place.

Just a reminder that this forum is not owned and was not set up for commercial reasons, and thus the pictures will always be here, and not likely to 'disappear' because someone makes a decision to change the database for financial reasons. I also do not want to be the only contributor here dso PLEASE feel free to add your vintage pics here, as it can make a wonderful database of 'old' loved cars.

To start are some Revell cars - 2 Corvettes - a wonderful old car from the collection of an original Pittman early 60's factory driver, and the secon one my attempt to copy the paint scheme of the 67 car that raced at Le Mans.
The Cobra I obtained painted in the 60's and I jsut loved the paint job, so left it as you see it.

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Really nice work. Love the paint colour on the last car.
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OldSkool - thanks so much for replying ;)

Some more additions .......





Any questions or interest - ask away Cool Wavegreen
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Great! What are the next winning lottery numbers?

Oh you mean about the slot cars!

Cool looking cars Anthony.  Thumbup

The Ford J-car is extremely fascinating
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Ken  Bigsmile Bigsmile Bigsmile Bigsmile Bigsmile

The Ford J is an old fibreglass body made by the late inimitable John Bacon. Very tough to work with . I still need to get the car to sit lower.  But that us for another time.
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A few more ......





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And this is under construction. A mini exotics resin body Cobra Daytona Super Competition. A rarish  model that I got in a less than pristine condition. and needs lots more work.

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Thought I would post a few more :)

Strombecker 1/32


Tamiya 1/24th


Strombecker 1/32nd


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