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#1 CW24 Porsche 956C LH #3 Le Mans 1983 - Le Mans Winner Collection Limited Edition. RRP £69.95. Release date: 24 May built their reputation with these truly exceptional Group C models - and they still look and perform wonderfully. New evolution chassis, new components and lighter bodies all contribute to making the latest releases even better on track, but the basics remain the same: high-performance slot cars that recreate the awesome spectacle of 1980s Group C grids. And that means a lot of Porsches...


This latest 956 release is part of's Le Mans Winner Collection - the car will be packaged in their characteristic orange collectors' display box.


1983 was the height of Porsche's powers at La Sarthe - the 956 was now a customer car and despite Lancia's best efforts with their new LC2, Porsches dominated the entry list for Group C and would dominate the race...

Three Rothmans-sponsored works 956s were entered and they were - of course - the fastest of the bunch. However, the lead works car of Mass, Bellof and Barth was already ailing when its engine blew in the 22nd hour. That left the sister cars of Holbert-Haywood-Schuppan and Ickx-Bell out front. Both cars had been in the wars...


Journalist Brian Laban summed it up nicely in his history of Le Mans...

Quote:Their problems balanced out: the winner had lost a door, lost oil pressure, and had finally lost its engine just yards after the finish; the second car (which Ickx started from pole) had hit one of the private 956's on the Mulsanne on the second lap, was delayed by electrical problems out on the circuit on Sunday morning, and with fuel restrictions could never push quite hard enough to make up, by barely a minute.

In fact, Holbert nearly didn't make it to the end. He had to re-fire the engine on the final lap, with Bell having un-lapped himself just before. The timekeepers scored the gap at just 17 seconds, the #3 Porsche limping over the line with ominous  smoke trailing behind...


It was a second Le Mans win for Hurley Haywood and a first for American Al Holbert and Australian Vern Schuppan. Both Haywood and Holbert would go on to win the 24 hours three times. Behind them, the top eight cars were Porsche 956s.

Here's a cracking short film of the car as it is today, with snippets of Hayward speaking and footage of the 1983 race...

The car is a must-have in my book. The 1983 race was one I followed very closely as a teenager and I have the event poster on my office wall. The model looks wonderful in these latest pictures sent to us by Galileo Engineering...


Under the body is the usual inline set-up with plastic front wheels and aluminium rears...


The car is fitted with the new SISP44 connectors to make the SP43 and SP15B digital chips plug-and-play.

This Le Mans winner will be with retailers in the next week or two and is available for pre-order at Pendle Slot Racing now.


Molte grazie to Jo at Galileo Engineering for sending us these great photographs.
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